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    Just sticking my nose back in

    Hello old friends, Just coming back to see what's happening in PW land. Hope you are all doing well, and having a busy year. Hey Mike, thanks for "letting me back in". I'll read the posts to see what's new with the old crew. Later, Shawn (formerly Pressure-Tek LLC)
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    For sale-Van & equipment

    I am closing up shop and selling my equipment. Short reason, my family needs me more than I need this business……….. Van & equipment for sale. Perfect for inexpensive startup, or adding a crew. The basics are here for Deck cleaning / sealing, house washing, and fleet washing. Equipment will...
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    Price Check-Dirt Killer

    Hi all, Need to check a price on a new cold water machine. Also, anyone have experience or heard of this machine? "Dirt Killer" 3000 psi / 3 gpm cold water "Kranzel" (German) pump. (Stainless, 10 yr guarantee, 2 hr run dry, freeze proof, downstream chemical injection) Honda Engine comes...
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    Signature Banners

    Forgive me for being ignorant here. I've seen a bunch of signature banners with the big guys here, and would like to get my own to show up. Would someone detail how or what needs to be done to do this? Do we need to send a file with our logo to someone and have them do it? or are we able to...
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    Can you be over professional?

    This happened last year, but i wanted to get opinions on the subject. Our first house wash job we tried to learn everything from this and other boards, and incorporate just about every good idea we could find in to our new market, "house washing". Well everything went well, and job turned...
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    Promo Items for customers?

    So far, I've done the T-shirts..... Would like to know what other things actually work for promo items, and how customers respond to the gesture. Mugs? Pens? Calendars? Tickets to sporting events? Other? Do you use them for repeat customers? for potential customers? for Damage control if...
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    Northern White Cedar

    Has anyone come across Northern White Cedar used in children's playsets? The swingset manufacturer markets this wood as splinter proof and claims it NEVER needs sealing or staining. Some friends are thinking of buying a set for their kids and asked if the additional cost is worth it to have...
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    Post cards

    I'm thinking about using post cards this year and was wondering if people who use them could post links to companies that you use. Wolman offers two printed ones, but I want to see what else is available. Also, how do you guys go about making up the labels? Do you address to "Current...
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    A Powerwasher's Christmas List

    Post your powerwashing "letter to Santa" here... Dear Santa, Please bring me a new employee who is reliable, trustworthy, smart, loyal and gives an honest days work for an honest day's pay.....and make more people hire me...... ......and something really nice for my wife and kids too !
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    Insurance going up?

    Anyone using CGU/One Beacon (Joe Walters) insurance, did you get a letter saying the premiums are going up, or am i just special?
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    Time Management

    Tell me I'm not alone. There never seem to be enough hours in a day to make everyone happy. If you would, Post time management tips and tricks that work for you. Specifically, juggling personal and family time while running a business. (especially for those of us trying to run it from home)...
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    Lease or buy equipment?

    We may need to add equipment for next year, so i'm trying to do some preliminary research. What are the advantages / disadvantages to leasing vs. buying equipment outright? Or buying on credit? What are your opinions?
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    Surface restoration

    Here's a cool one. Check out the before and after pictures. Anyone else think this could be a great add on service to offer?
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    Hiring Employees

    Would some of you that have employees post things that we need to know about hiring people. This is kind of a general post, but I need a starting point, and would like to know potential pitfalls before I get in to deep. Thanks Shawn
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    Hiring part time help.

    We are bidding a job to be done in the Spring which will require that we put on temporary help, and I'm hoping to get the members' input so I can do this right. This project is restoring all exterior wood in a good size condominium complex. (59 units all with decks and front porches, with...