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Would some of you that have employees post things that we need to know about hiring people.

This is kind of a general post, but I need a starting point, and would like to know potential pitfalls before I get in to deep.



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Beth & Rod

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The first thing to look at is where you are in your season, since you don't want to hire at the end of a season and then not be able to keep an employee busy. We hire in the spring, about the time you start to see an upstart of activity.

Right now you might want to look into labor laws where you are, and consider things such as how many full time employees do you need to have before you are required to pay workmans comp, etc... Also look into payroll services, ways to track time, think about labor rates, etc.

Hope this helps some.




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When you hire new employees

I was just wandering how many of you with employees get them to sign employee agreements and non-compete clause contracts? If so... do you get a attorney to draw up the agreements or do you do it yourselves?
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Go with a temporary labor place or day labor. I use them often and have had good luck with it. Most have a lemon law too. :)

Jonathan Ellis

Non compete clause

I have everyone that comes onto any of my job sites to sign a non compete. I had one already and sent it to my attorney and they did the revising to make it legit.

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