A Powerwasher's Christmas List

Shawn G.

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Post your powerwashing "letter to Santa" here...

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a new employee who is reliable, trustworthy, smart, loyal and gives an honest days work for an honest day's pay.....and make more people hire me......

......and something really nice for my wife and kids too !

Scott Stone

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Shawn, you are asking for miracles.

What would I want???
A new truck to replace my two ton. Something that gets better than 5 MPG. Oh well, at least it is paid for.



Dear Santa,

I want customers that ask for references before they ask the price. I want customers that NEVER argue about the price and equipment that will run itself, and keep me from ever having to train anyone ever again!!

Oh, and I would like a new computer that never has to be upgraded either!!!

Is that asking for too much?

Andrew Phelps

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Gotta Have Dreams!

I know I have to cause I cant even really think of anything I want that I could actually expect anyone to buy for me, everyone says what do you want I say uh I really dont know let me think about it guess thats a sign of maturity though. When I was a kid and someone asked me what I wanted I could instantly name off enough things to fill up 3 sheets of paper front and back. Now that I'm older I always try to think of what I need rather than what I want even asked for some thngs for my business for my birthday this last one.


Can't think of a thing I want, however I just received a typed request from my youngest granddaughter:

1. a barbie, ken, stacie, krisy, kelly doll.
2. barbie doll clothes.
3. a sweater, size M.
4. certificates to walmart, toys-R-us, target.
5. money.
6. a pink pen - fizzy hair thing.
7. and anything else you can think of.



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One thing for now,

A off the shelf computer, something I have never had, always have them built for me.

Kendra you can have this computer, it was built in March, rebuilt last week and rebuilt again yesterday.

And the darn thing still won't behave, guess it is going though a second teenage rebel life, just like ME.

Now a true list, a new 1 or 1 1/2 ton dully flatbed truck, Ford even though I love the Dodge.

Umm, a second unit so I can speed up the work and follow my helper with the wand, can cut time down and increase work load.

Hmm, do they make Amanda dolls?

A race car, yeah one I can sit in called an orginal Shellby Cobra, not a copy of one OR a Porsche from the 60s, yeah like the one James Dean had.

Wish list and a dreamer:)

Richard I am afraid to ask why YOU want the things you listed!



I have been lucky enough to have someone that does all my upgrades just because he is a fabulous friend, and a step dad that works for Texas Instuments, so all my hardware is usually at cost. Just got a laptop, FINALLY. I don't know how I ever got by without one. Getting it for Christmas, so part of my wish list has come true!! If I could just get the rest of it to come true..... ;) I also have a beautiful 1 ton flat bed truck, but it's a Chevy, and it does come with payments!