Post cards

Shawn G.

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I'm thinking about using post cards this year and was wondering if people who use them could post links to companies that you use.

Wolman offers two printed ones, but I want to see what else is available.

Also, how do you guys go about making up the labels? Do you address to "Current Resident" or make it more personal?


Beth & Rod

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Add or current resident after or under the person's name in case they have moved. This gets you fewer returned cards.

Twig's cards a 4 color on both sides, glossy stock, and cost far less per card than Wolman's do.


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I have had my cards printed by
Modern Postcard
1675 Faraday Ave
Carlsbad CA 92008-7314
they helped me submit by CD to have them
printed. I can't find the phone number
but I'm sure they have a website