Insurance going up?

Shawn G.

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Anyone using CGU/One Beacon (Joe Walters) insurance, did you get a letter saying the premiums are going up, or am i just special?

Dominic A

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I don't have the same insurance as you do , but mine went up also. My agent told me all insurances went up across the board nation wide. I don't know it could have been a line of bull. But none the less mine went up too. SO don't feel to bad:D


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If you do your research you will find all types of insurance is going up. Why because they have lost millions and will be losing much more once the lawsuits start hitting the courts.

All this besause of what happened in Sept. but they will not admit to that reason.

In Calif. auto insurance is up, heck for years mine kept going down and I have no tickets or accidents and it is going UP, a lot of hot air if you ask me.

Ron Musgraves

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Dont feel bad my letter came Months ago.

hey scott did you get yours or does cindy not like me as much as you?