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    Wont let me log off

    Well I guess I have been logged in indefinitely for a while now, maybe even a year or so since I've actually been on this site. I tried to log off and keep getting redirected to some error page that says 502 error. I just want to log off. Any ideas?
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    Cl scott...........thanks

    Crazy week as mentioned in Shanes thread. Had a chance to offer some sub work to CL this week. It was a resi that compares to a hotel with all the trimmings. He handled the flats and I handles the verts. Weird how we both blew O rings at the exact same time 400 ft. apart. He did a great job and...
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    Shane....... Thank you

    A big thanks to Shane for coming in and helping me with a pretty good sized wood project. It's been a stellar week and still am going strong. But I needed a little hudspa on this one. Suddenly my helper realized he forgot to insert his anal suppository and couldn't work, at the very last...
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    A few projects

    Whats up all. Hope you're well. Just sharing and SEOing.
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    Its Been a While

    Too many post' to catch up on and not enough time to read them all. Hope everyone had a kick ass Summer. Hats off to you folks in the northeast for your never ending drive to survive. Glad the elections are over. Sorry about all the rigs that are getting "jacked" out there. ( one of those rigs...
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    Hey everyone... Merry christmas.

    Merry Christmas, to those that know me, and Merry Christmas to those that don't. Be safe in your travels and have a great New year as well.
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    At 1/2 tank it stops running

    Hey Russ, You know that my pw can balance a quarter on it's side. You helped me get it there with the right gear. What I can't figure out is why it stops running at 1/2 tank full of fuel. About 2 hours run time. Runs perfect, no problems other than that. Top it off and it's fine for 2 more...
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    ABC Pressure Washing Summer wood projects.

    Wow 2 wks. since anyone has posted in wood. We gotta change that!!!!!!!
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    Thx Scott D.

    Been a while since any post' on PWI due to ,.... well..... "Stuff". Over a yr. ago I recieved a referral for one of your (Scott D. of confident) customers. Thx plus 1. Hopefully you have landed some of the customers I have sent your way for roof work. Due to "stuff" on their end, the project...
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    Wish me luck

    ... in the D.I.Y. market. I have only a few more restos to complete before shoulder surgery I'll be marketing this and recovering from a biceps / R. Cuff surgery over the Winter. Legal stuff is taken care of and on paper. I can't clean or restore directly after the...
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    12% Supplier North Houston

    Name: PH Chemicals Contact: Sara (pronounced Sah-Ra) 281-541-1362 Really nice guy stationed in Spring Tx. (15 min. North of Houston in a Ford, 5 min. in an Audi) Best rates I Have seen for liftgate deliveries or customer pick-up on 55's anywhere around Houston. Tell...
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    NCE, EPA,PW Houston Round Table

    Ron Musgraves, Doug Rucker, and myself are hosting a Round table in Houston. The main topics of discussion will be, compliancy / Rules and regs / Requirements. Ron has list of local "powers that be" from Houston enforcerment to the rule makers themselves that he will have present for...
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    Food from customers.

    My customers are donating can goods for a food drive for Thanksgiving. So far so good. They are liking the idea. Saves them time and they feel good about themselves for helping someone less fortunate. I'll be dropping it off at the warehouse to consolidate with the other donations. Should be...
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    Hey Ron M., Do you ever see......

    Dave Mustaine or Alice Cooper in passing? They live in your parts. Lots of "Rock" celebs live by you. What gives? :outtahere: Right on.
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    Sub Contractor form help.

    Anyone willing to share their sub-contractor form with me? Mine is 16 pages long, the amplified version. Anything short and sweet and to the point out there? Thanks