Its Been a While


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Too many post' to catch up on and not enough time to read them all.
Hope everyone had a kick ass Summer.
Hats off to you folks in the northeast for your never ending drive to survive.
Glad the elections are over.
Sorry about all the rigs that are getting "jacked" out there.
( one of those rigs had my invention on it).

Is it me...... or is Halloween so much more fun than Christmas lately???????
Been a good season this year even with blown discs in the old spine.

Glad to see the industrry is showing signs of endurance.
I mean after all...... its only pressure washing........
But hey, it affords ammo cash right?
I believe all of our efforts big and small have helped put us on the map.

" It's not the intelligent that survive..... or the strongest......... It's those that are able to adapt to change the quickest"

Hope you all have a zombie free holiday season.
Merry Apocalypticus

"Peace Through Sonic Distortion"

....oh yeah.... going on yr 11 now......
I still love my xjet.


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Yeah Ron. For sure.
Been trying to keep tabs on Roug Ducker.
Seems both of us are covering all points of the compass lately.