Shane....... Thank you


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A big thanks to Shane for coming in and helping me with a pretty good sized wood project.

It's been a stellar week and still am going strong. But I needed a little hudspa on this one.

Suddenly my helper realized he forgot to insert his anal suppository and couldn't work, at the very last minute.

So I reach a little farther into the abyss of contractors that have offered ( lets just say) their services in times of

slower than usual prosperity, to no avail.

Helpers think I take on some projects that are too big for my little company. I do just fine.

However my work load has been uncomfortable to say the least with really weird weather lately.

Whatever.... back to Shane.

Made the call to Shane and he was just wrapping up his morning.

He made the crappy drive to my customers house through our murderous Houston traffic,

worked for an hour and helped me finish up.

He knocked out around 60 remaining ft. and the gate return.

You are a really good dude to help me get the wheels back on the rails.

Right on!!!!


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....... just for the record,,,,,,,, I didn't even have to look at his work. I knew it was perfect.

Doug Rucker

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Way to go Shane and Adrian. Love it

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Hey no prob Adrian you know i'll always do what I can to help if you need me. I'm glad my schedule allowed me to help you out today. I know what you mean about helpers they are great when you have them but it seems that they always leave you hanging when you need them the most.

Don't ever hesitate to call if you need...
Great story, we have all had those days and wish we could find some help in a pinch. It is great when it comes from a fellow contractor and friend. Can't hurt when it is Shane who shows up!