Thx Scott D.


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Been a while since any post' on PWI due to ,.... well..... "Stuff".
Over a yr. ago I recieved a referral for one of your (Scott D. of confident) customers. Thx plus 1. Hopefully you have landed some of the customers I have sent your way for roof work.

Due to "stuff" on their end, the project finally happened last week.
Pretty nice little resto as well as a good customer. ( I basically gave up on them after a few months). Just goes to show, you never know when the fish are gonna bite.

Again, thx. beer coffee smokes catfish whatever when our paths cross. it's on me.

It's been a stellar year so far, even starting late. Hope it's the same for you.
All the doctors are paid for and every guitar has brand new strings.

Thanks for the lead Scott!!!

"Peace Through Sonic Distortion"

Scott D.

No problem Adrian! PM me who it was. I give your name to probably 3-4 people a month, not sure how many call though.


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This is the first that mentioned you directly Scott. It was the customer in Pattison, Tx I-1o and 359. They have that giant fishing tank at the back of their property and the metal "Fake Shake" roof that your company cleaned (which is still spotless a year later). They told me to feel free to go fishing and don't think I wasn't tempted. Just too busy to take the extra time to fish and my helper hates fishing.

I would imagine that most of the referrals that get tossed around fail to mention who sent them.
Nice good old fashioned country folks. Great lead and Thx again.
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