12% Supplier North Houston


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Name: PH Chemicals


Contact: Sara (pronounced Sah-Ra)


Really nice guy stationed in Spring Tx. (15 min. North of Houston in a Ford, 5 min. in an Audi)

Best rates I Have seen for liftgate deliveries or customer pick-up on 55's anywhere around Houston.

Tell 'em I sent ya.....

They are national as well....


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I just suggest calling Fara and telling him I sent you and he will take care of you.
Esp. if you handle your own PU&D.

Thay may also have a station in S.A. Chris.

Doug Rucker

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Brian, for a 55er pick up they quoted me $110.00. My suggestion if you buy from theses guy's is to make sure they have it ready when you get there. I went there last week to get a very small amount, and had to wait 1 and 1/2 hours for them to pour it, label it, box it etc. And this after calling them in the morning and setting an appointment for 1pm.


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Called today, couldn't lower my prices with delivery. Said if I picked them up he could beat them.

That's too bad he couldn't give you a better rate for delivery Scott.
It might be because of the service area and the cartage company they use.
I'm not dissatisfied with my current supplier, however I have no problems with a better delivery rate. Them being up North is a real plus for me. It is cheaper in my experiences that the rate is much much cheaper when you provide your own PU&D.
The accessorial charges for a resi delivery with liftgate and sometime a two-man, can be staggering.
Still, I would rather have it delivered anyday.


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Yes. They tell me it starts out at 12.5% and then goes to 10% after 6 days. Holds at 10%.

Keep it in a cool place with the right uv barrier ( blue or black tank) on the drum and that 12% will last ALOT longer than a week before it starts breaking down.

I don't believe it will sustain itself at 10% as a rule.
Once it starts going, it doesn't stop.

Example. I have used really really old SH and I know that it was much much weaker than 10% with no effects whatso ever.

However I generally order a 55 a month. Dec.-Jan. I may go through 1 55 since it is slower.

Scott D.

I go through 4-6 a week so delivery is a must. I love univar so I was really just looking for better prices. It's VERY nice to know they're up there. Just 2 days ago I had to drive down to univar from Katy, pick up a barrel and drive to Montgomery because my guys were 10 gallons short!! Would have been nice to be able to pick a barrel up on the way.