Food from customers.


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My customers are donating can goods for a food drive for Thanksgiving.

So far so good. They are liking the idea. Saves them time and they feel good about themselves for helping someone less fortunate.

I'll be dropping it off at the warehouse to consolidate with the other donations.

Should be a tractor trailer load before the deadline.

No one should go hungry. But they do. Hopefully everyone's contribution will help a little.:dirol:


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Me and my wonderful awesome wife are going to go shopping the dollar stores this weekend and get soap and toothbrushes and toiletries.
You would be amazed at how much you can get for half the price as name brand stuff. Ha. I really believe that people in need don't care if they have name brands or not, so might as well stretch that dollar as far as possible, right?

Last year we walked out of the store with around 10 bags of donations.
Don't forget that the cost' can be written off as charitable donations at tax season.

Pretty cool!!!!!:dirol: