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    Sensus Fire Hydrant Water Meter For Sale

    Our Sensus Fire Hydrant Water Meter is for sale. Comes with everything pictured below. Meter Itself, just calibrated 20' Fire Hose I will include the old red crank handle, but we put on a new yellow handle which is much easier and faster than the red one. Hydrant opener tool backflow gateway...
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    Landa Hot Water Skid - Low Hours

    Nate wanted to hang on to the landa, but we have decided to let everything go and be done with it all together. Landa Skid PGHW 5-3500 Model with the steam valve and generator. It has a Wayne Burner and I think 570 hours on it. Comes with the downstream attachment, unloader to backflow...
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    Equipment for sale - Lots of it

    Parting everything out guys or buy the whole kit n kaboodle for $10000 2005 Landa PGHW 5-3500 Hot Water Skid w. Steam valve 500 hours $5500 OBO 2006 Hotsy 3500 PSI 3 GPM Hot Water Skid 220' 160 Hours $3500 2 rapid reels 250' $100 ea. 1 35 Gallon detergent tank w/ 1 GPM pump and 80' of...
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    PowerWash Pros LLC - Denver, CO FOR SALE

    Well guys after careful thought we have decided to sell our business. :eek: All of our equipment is for sale along with our colorado client list. We would like to sell as a package but will consider spliting it up. 2009 16' Tandem Axle Trailer 2005 Landa PGHW 5-3500 Hot Water Skid 2006...
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    New Logo

    Here is a new logo I have been working on for us. Can I get your guy's feedback on it? Its hard to see, but circles around the top are bubbles. I had to take this with my digital camera, I am having trouble exporting it correctly. Thanks, Nicole...
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    I have to clear the air, and I have to do it now. I am sitting here in tears writing this because it has been something that has been long coming. I sit here today with negative $700 in my checking account. The balance in my business account is a mere $360.00. Nathans truck is out for...
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    Anyone near Anaheim CA ??

    Can someone near Anaheim California help me out? I need to buy a big guy and there is one currently on ebay that I am going to bid on. Only problem is that they guy will not ship it, it is pick up only. Wanted to see if someone would go pick it up from the guy after I buy it and take it too a...
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    Really Busy

    I know that a few of you have emailed or PM'd me and I have not yet responded, I apologize. We are sooo busy right now :( and I just don't have the spare time to answer any questions or to forward the cookbook file. I just wanted to drop in really quick and let you know things should slow by...
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    2010 Camaro

    Went to the Chevy Dealer today and officially put my name on the waiting list for the 2010 Camaro....I have had the heebie jeebies all day. Between cleaning 4 shell stations last night and sleeping for only 2 hours today I am in a daze. Im going with the V6 version, cant really afford the v8...
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    Some Photos & Video from this Weekend

    We have been working non-stop since Friday night, here are some photos and video of what we have done... 6 Fuel Stations 15 Townhouses w/ Mud Nests 103 Dock Doors 45 Semi Trailers 7000 Sq Ft of Gum covered concrete. We have 4 fuel stations left and 7000 more sq ft of concrete... <object...
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    10 Gas Stations

    Starting on 10 gas stations tonight. They have 66 total...we are doing 10 within the next 2 days....Very Excited about this contract, have waited along time for it!!!! It was an easy sell, the last guy doing it used COLD WATER AND DID IT ON SATURDAYS AT 2:00 PM.......:eek: he would shut down...
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    Another All Nighter.

    Pulled A 24 Hour Job Yesterday...came Home Slept For 5 Hours And Now We Are Heading Out To Do Townhomes...then At 2:00am Tomorrow Morning Back Downtown To Restore A 310' X 50' X 30' Tall Brick Resturaunt. We Worked Out There For 8 Hours Last Night. We Are Down To 4 Buckets Of Safe Restore...i...
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    Future home of PowerWash Pro's LLC

    Well here it is, the future home of PowerWash Pros. Nathan doesnt like the trailer sitting on the driveway at night anymore - we have already had someone try to steal the engine off the hotsy. They tried to sawzall through the bolts that hold the machine to the skid:eek: , they only had one...
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    Moss Rock Job - Just Completed

    We just completed this moss rock "restoration" job. It was painted white, double coated of course. We did the building, 2 front signs and 15 pillars along the edge of the lot... This was a long grueling 5 day job. Not to mention 99 degrees in a rubber suit with strep throat. Here are the photos.
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    What does everyone do as far as deposits on large jobs. Usually I require a %20 deposit on jobs over $10,000 for new customers. Reason I ask is I am submitting a MASSIVE bid right now and I didnt know what to require as far as a deposit....