Equipment for sale - Lots of it

Parting everything out guys or buy the whole kit n kaboodle for $10000

2005 Landa PGHW 5-3500 Hot Water Skid w. Steam valve 500 hours $5500 OBO

2006 Hotsy 3500 PSI 3 GPM Hot Water Skid 220' 160 Hours $3500

2 rapid reels 250' $100 ea.

1 35 Gallon detergent tank w/ 1 GPM pump and 80' of hose $100

2 Anti Fatigue guns $20 ea - never used $25 ea

3 Guns w/ lances $35 ea

300 gallon water tank $250

2009 tandem axle 16' trailer $1500.00

Misc Parts and chems.....

I need to sell the machines first before I start dismantling my entire trailer. Once those are sold I will sell the rest of the stuff.

Thanks guys......MAKE OFFERS
Yes, I have a 20" Steel Eagle, great condition and it has new tips, asking $250

The 2 anti fatigue guns are in excellent shape, 1 was never used and 1 was used for about 5 hours on the above steel eagle.

The other guns/lances are in good condition as well, everything is new within the last year. One is a dual lance wand and it goes with the landa machine.

Ill get some pictures up here tonight!


Post some pictures of the hose reels, I am interested in them, close ups if possible. Thanks.

I thought you had 2 surface cleaners, what kind do you have and how big are they?



Maybe they are busy, I have not seen the pictures of the hose reels or surface cleaners. Maybe soon they will post pictures.