Another All Nighter.

Pulled A 24 Hour Job Yesterday...came Home Slept For 5 Hours And Now We Are Heading Out To Do Townhomes...then At 2:00am Tomorrow Morning Back Downtown To Restore A 310' X 50' X 30' Tall Brick Resturaunt. We Worked Out There For 8 Hours Last Night. We Are Down To 4 Buckets Of Safe Restore...i Bought Every Bucket In Town. I Will Post Photos When We Are Done....

I Love It When Nathan Looks At Me And Goes....."flatwork, Please"

Oh, and scissor lifts S U C K !!!! 30' up in the air and here comes the wind.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

At least we are going to look at a 18' Bayliner tomorrow..... I am going to put "W A S H ME" on the back...haha lol
Can't wait to see the pics !

I haven't use SafeRestore yet, but I want to try it, word says that works wonders in glass.

How do you apply it on brick? Spray, dwell and rinse?

Go get some rest now :D
20 to 28 Hr work days... I know how you feel ! There is something about seeing the sun come up in the morning, then go down again and then going back up and your are still working only to get home to hear your kids say, "Can we play ball at the park today Daddy?".

Sometimes, working a 28 hour shift SUCKS !