Future home of PowerWash Pro's LLC

Well here it is, the future home of PowerWash Pros. Nathan doesnt like the trailer sitting on the driveway at night anymore - we have already had someone try to steal the engine off the hotsy. They tried to sawzall through the bolts that hold the machine to the skid:eek: , they only had one left to go, but something must have spooked them , but at least the put the grill cover back over the machine and cleaned up their mess :confused: This new trailer is 20' and just wont go in the garage.

This is the best space we have found and really close to home and all of the interstates. They are offering a discount if we sign by the end of the week. Rent for the first 6 months will only be $599 then it goes back up to $900 per month.

Space is 1000 sq ft with a 12 x 12 office. Basically all that we need. It will fit the trailer, plow and ATV.


Michael T

Nice space. I thought it was the warehouse in your avatar :eek:

We keep our equipment in a warehouse also. Even though I have the space at home I like to keep the business seperate.

Good move.

Now Nathan has a place to hide.

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Good Idea Nicole, be SURE and use your location on some ad material ?
This will show you are not a fly by night, NOT that people who work out of their homes are.
That is a GREAT PRICE !!! Along with two months free rent to boot. Here in California suburbs, 1000 sq.ft. is going for almost $4,000 a month lease with a 36 month commitment in some cases.

Just a sugestion....Make sure you get an alarm system on it with plenty of notices on the windows.
The unit that we looked at actually had bars on the windows and door. The guy that had the unit prior was a wood worker so he has a bunch of extra outlets and high pressure line running around the warehouse. Brinks is one of the first calls I will make for sure. ;)
Very Nice! proud of you all! You might be able to work it to your advantage to get some of the rent paid.... I was looking into one here, and my buddy offered me half the rent a month to have his fiberglass mat, and reisen shipped to it, because he needed a commercial building for his shipping! We have those all over Charleston for about 500 a month! But I still fit in the garage! even with a 40 foot ladder on top the old van! I am hoping to go to a trailer and pick up very soon, gas in the van is bending me over!