Anyone near Anaheim CA ??

Can someone near Anaheim California help me out? I need to buy a big guy and there is one currently on ebay that I am going to bid on. Only problem is that they guy will not ship it, it is pick up only.

Wanted to see if someone would go pick it up from the guy after I buy it and take it too a "postnet" or UPS Store and have it shipped to me. I will paypal you the money before hand to get this done and give you $40 or $50 for your time to do this for me. I assume the shipping will run about $60-$70. The postnet or ups store should package it and everything.

Looking for someone that is HONEST that will help me out.... Its an easy $50 in your pocket.

thanks guys.... Nicole


Nicloe, my son lives about 45 minutes from there. I'll give him your office
number listed in your sig. If he can help, he'll give you a call.
I don't think he has a paypal acct.
If can help, you guys can figure it out.

Ron Musgraves

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I forgot about your boy David, just remembered the conversation we had. Good luck guys,

Nicole, where have you been Girl. You gonna make Vegas????
Awesome, I look forward to talking to him. He can call the office at 303-862-8449. I will be around most of the day.

Thanks, Nicole
Ended up not bidding on the Big Guy - I found a steel eagle 30" for dirt cheap locally and bought it. Got it home to find out the swivel is done for:mad: .... Called Steel Eagle and will have a new one on the way (swivel that is):D

We retired the waterjet :( its dismantled and in the parts bin, but looking forward to a larger cleaning path...espicially at the gas stations..

Thanks for your guys quick help.