Moss Rock Job - Just Completed

We just completed this moss rock "restoration" job. It was painted white, double coated of course. We did the building, 2 front signs and 15 pillars along the edge of the lot...
This was a long grueling 5 day job. Not to mention 99 degrees in a rubber suit with strep throat.

Here are the photos.


Matthew Norman

Very nice work Nicole. I bet the chemical bill on that job was a ton, I know paint stripper is pretty expensive. It looks like the glass is broke on the door the forth pic from the bottom, maybe it's just me.


WCR Sales & Founder PWRA
Is there some local ordinance that makes people remove the paint or is it just because it looks terrible.
I seem to remember that you did another store and that someone made them do it.

No ordinance on this one. They just realized that it looked horrible. They just put on the cedar roof before we started as well. It looks much better now.

Paul Kassander

New member
Very nice job, looks much better now.

I feel for you nothing worse than a summer sickness, way to power through and get the job done. Now get some rest and get better.