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    too funny

    i ordered some signs to post at intersections and the ASAIN lady i spoke to on the phone sent me this proof to check before i order. lmao
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    any suggestions?

    whos cleaned a wall like this and whats the best chem for it?
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    did i mess up?

    cleaned a brick driveway today getting it ready for sealing. there was concrete sidewalk that crossed the driveway. as usual i just cleaned the sidewalk portion of the driveway too. i unhooked the surface cleaner, hooked up the wand a proceded to rinse the drive way down, pushing the sand back...
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    Get motivated!!!

    me and my wife have 25 tickets to this (we bought the office package). anybody in the local area want to go just give me a hollar and ill get your name in. Get Motivated Motivational Seminars, Sales Training, Personal Success & Wealth Building
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    feed back

    ok here is a ready made template i got from vista print. just started it this morning. tell me what u think so far. of course im gonna make some changes to it over time and add some more things and probably delete some things. Sparkle-N-Shine Pressure Cleaning - Home
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    deos anyone else get real teed off when u cant upload pictures??????????? even after u make sure they r the right size and all. i get so damn hot on this.
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    door hangers

    So whats the latest debate on door hangers? Im thinking about ordering some that have a selection of services listed that i do on residential and as i walk up the drive way i can price each service and by the time i get to the front door if someone is home i can introduce myself and go over the...
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    this thing is soooo cool!

    merry x-mas to me. shhhh the wife doesnt know yet ;)
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    freakin out!!!

    Is there any reason my 18 eagle wash cleans better on one side than the other? I cleaned the tips and they are both posistioned with the spray bar. The deck isn't as round as it used to be but sits flat. I just did a drivethru and I think I may need to back and do it again. It does this no...
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    ripper II

    Anbody try this stuff from hotsy? They gave me a gallon to try out. Its called Ripper II.
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    chem injectors

    i have a 5 gal machine that i downstream with. if i use a 5-8 chem injector instead of the 3-5 chem injector will i boost the percentage of chem i am spraying?????? i think thats the same as going from a 2.1mm to a 2.3 right? will it do anything for me?
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    pool deck drains anybody have a easy way to clean these? sewer jetter maybe?
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    Wow 25 dollar driveways

    my wife found this on one of her clients counters yesterday!!! im gonna have my driveway done by this guy! i cant do my own for this price. maybe me and my neighbors can get together and get a street price! ill let u know how it goes.
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    first aid

    for starters i think there should be a new thread topic "First Aid' secondly, does anybody else get heavy cauluses on the inside of there thumbs? mine are starting to crack and hurt. any remedies?