Pressure Washing Cookbook

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Sad part on that pic john d. I've heated up all sorts of stuff on the intake of my old fj-40 L.C., tacos,hotdogs,soup,leftover rabit.and defrosted a couple beers on there :D
I no longer have a copy of the cookbook. My computer crashed end of last year and I lost everything I had. If someone can email it back to me I will be happy to keep sharing it with everyone. I tried to host it on my website but it wouldnt work.

Thanks, Nicole

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P W Cookbook


I don't have your email address, but have attached the cookbook.

Thanks again.


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Here's my cookbook :):

Cheap 10-12% chlorine
Cheap soap
Bag of Ox
Butyl degreaser of any sort
Bag of soda beads
Bag of soda ash.

Mix all above in a big container and you are good to go :)

P.S. those who are not familiar with the items above, please do not listen to me unless you want to go BOOM which is another way to get popular in this biz :)))...


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what ever happened to Nickle?

There was some big drama about her not being able to pay a sub and all kinds of stuff. There was a thread about it (maybe last year?) and she told the whole story.

The sad moral of the story is that lowballing catches up with you in the end.