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Chris Rettig

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Ron Musgraves, can I get a copy of the cook book? Also I need to order a swivel conversion kit for my Landa water jet. I am liking these mosomatic a lot more.



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I'm taking on the task of creating the Power Washer's Cookbook 2015 which is taking the Pressure Washer's Cookbook of 2007 to the next level. This will be a living document and as of this moment, it has grown to over 57 pages and that is before editing.

It will cover Pressure Washing as well as Soft Washing, From Roof, House, Decks, and Flatwork Mixes to Commercial Products. It will also include the MSDS documents for each product that we use. The goal is to make a concise and rich storehouse of information to be at our fingertips.

So, I'm calling on everybody to submit their recipes and chem mixes and even before and after pictures for the 2015 edition! Substitutions can be sent to



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Could I acquire a copy of the 2007 cook book ? Thank you

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