Pressure Washing Cookbook

this thread is more than a year old, so don't get to excited.

If someone who received it wanna send it to me I'll upload it to my/other website so it can be downloaded.
Guys - I will get the cookbook out just as soon as possible. We are in Southern Colorado this week and all I have is the laptop and my cookbook file isnt on this computer. I should be able to send it out by the end of the week. If someone has it and wants to forward it on that is fine.


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Ok guys, here's Nicole's cookbook. Hopefully an administrator can make this a sticky. I was going to host it, but it's small enough to insert into the thread.


  • Cookbook_v1.pdf
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Nicole - Thank you for compililing the cookbook information and making it available to everyone. I was able to download a copy. It is very much appreciated.

John W. Thanks for taking the time to make this file available.