Pressure Washing Cookbook

I am going to be compiling a Pressure Washing Cookbook with recipe's / mixtures for our most common projects. I will be making it in PDF format so that everyone can have a copy that is downloadable and printable for FREE, but the catch is you have to email me to get a copy.

I think that this will help out alot of people on this board and it will have alot of information in 1 place.
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[SIZE=-2]Make your own dummy book at[/SIZE]</CENTER>
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Okay guys I am on page 4 already...

The first 10 pages are "About the Author - and In Depth Look at the Life of Nicole Jones".....

Just kidding.

Carolina Prowash

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What a great idea :) You should have a section that translates the chemical names into their "posting names". You wouldn't believe how many folks don't know what "the love" is!



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How cook on your engine.
Cook Book and Recipe Links's-Engine - 24.htm


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Chris - the apple sauce recipe would be a great addition if you wouldn't mind sharing it?
Here is THE Recipe for Apple Sauce.
Developed and field tested by Apple Roof Cleaning of Tampa Florida
Used by thousands of roof cleaners around the world.

recipe is for 100 gallons of mix

30 gallons of 12.5% sodium hypochlorite
60 gallons of water
12.5 pounds of TSP
12.5 pounds of Borax