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    Isuzu NPR cooling system help

    My work truck has cooling issues. Does anyone here have experience with Isuzu NPR trucks. On the open road it runs cool,but in town it wants to get hot, the gage pegs hot. I just replaced the thermostat today and that does not seem to be the problem. It is a 91 Isuzu NPR Diesel turbo. It has...
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    Thank you

    I just wanted to thank you for the information,knowledge I am gaining from you guys. I actually got my first regular contract with a local fast food franchise. I did 3 in 2 nights. It was all flat work of course wall to wall bubble gum and oil on the drive thru's and entry ways, one drive thru...
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    Air purifying concrete.... Dutch town tests 'air-purifying' concrete Posted Wed Aug 6, 2008 11:24am PDT A recent picture shows the special paving stone in a lab of the Twente University. A road in the small Dutch town of...
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    This is part of a store front sidewalk. The owner says it is basically small gravel applied to an epoxy base. It is very thin, about an inch thick. In places you can see the base materials used in it's making.. Oh yeah... It has gum to be removed... I don't think this could take any pressure at...
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    The story of Aiden Zaugg and what I did today

    I did a special project today, I feel so good inside for doing it...but I am sad for why.. Aiden Zaugg is a local little boy who has terminal cancer. The treatments for him are expensive and insurance won't pay for some of the treatments he needs... He is returning home for probably the last...
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    Triple Clean's first job

    Finally did my first job today:) It was a store front sidewalk with a good amount of gum to remove. Being my first job it had a fun factor to it. I think I'm gonna enjoy this line of work. Before: After:
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    Rusty concrete

    I have searched the forum on this topic and oxalic acid is the stuff recommended. I have a driveway with some rust spots. What is the best way to use oxalic acid for this rust. Do I pretreat the spots? I am a rookie....I admit it..:o Thanks you guys:)
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    Help with estimate on apartment complex

    I coulp really use some help on an estimate for an apartment complex I am bidding on. Thank you in advance for any guidance you can share. The buildings are all 2 story with vinyl siding. The buildings are less than 5 yrs old and the manager wants just a basic spray down(she seems to be...
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    Pressure washing technology restores mural This is a link to a story of how "british pressure washing technology" was used to restore a popular mural that had been painted over.. There is even a video of the story...Submitted for review. British...
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    TRiple Clean Powerwash truck is ready!!

    The truck is just about done, just needs exhaust pipe for burner installed. Triple Clean Powerwash is ready to do business.. I have learned a lot from ya'll. Thank you for the knowledge you share and the way your willing to help one another.. It's a Hotsy 1290 SSG 3k psi and 5.6 gpm Dual gun...
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    Do you OSHA?

    I was curious as to what OSHA requirements are required for the pressure washing industry or maybe how your state handles this and how it applies to the "site specific" aspect of the business. I have my 10 and 30 hr. General Industry Safety & Health certifications already.. Thank you. Thomas...
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    enclosed vs. open for north west

    I have come up against some trade offs to different trailer styles. I would appreciate any insight or hindsight for that matter.. Living in the north west states I was wondering if an enclosed trailer might extend my work season. Also what about inline anti freeze systems and what you think...
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    Hydrotek or Hotsy

    I am researching my options for a hot/cold pressure washer unit to start business.. I am leaning towards working with my local supplier as they are able to help me address the things such as my training and learning curve and overall support in equipment and supplies etc... They sell Hotsy and...
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    I'm going for it!!

    Hi, My name is Thomas and I am going to be starting into the pressure washing trades. My background is industrial manufacturing and certified machinist. I also dealt with everything from machining aerospace to running high capacity furnaces and foundry work..My home location is Washington state...