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    I'll bet all of you muslims---oops, I mean Mormons---loved that game! I was glad to see them beat OU---I bet OU will be happy if they never meet a Mountain West team again! Didn't they get beat by Boise St. or Utah recently in a bowl game? I think one of the announcers said that 36 members of...
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    SPADE---a respectable guy!,2933,471244,00.html CHeck out this story! Big props to David Spade.
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    Chat tonight after the Debate!! Chat at SeriousTalkOnly!
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    Superduty part swap?

    I just bought an '06 yesterday and it has the "chrome package" on it, which I personally don't like. I am planning to re-skin the outside of the side mirrors with the black plastic, but I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to swap out grills with me. Your truck would need to be '06 or '07, the...
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    thrive in down economy

    I've been brainstorming for biz purposes (and other reasons) and trying to think of what types of biz do well in slow economies/recession. I think economy will be sluggish until around '11, so trying to think forward. There was a post on here a few weeks ago....lotta commerical cleaners...
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    Krystal consumption

    As many know, a lot has been discussed lately about Ron M. and insatiable appetite for Krystal burgers. I've heard rumors of him consuming as many as 50 of the tasty mirco-burgers in one day. Anyways, it got me wondering who likes Krystals in comparison to White Castles (a.k.a. belly bombers)...
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    Too many forums??

    Hey Spencegraves, I wanted to throw out my opinion on something---I find the board tough to navigate due to too many forums. When I log in, the 'new post' comes up....but if I ever go more than half a day without logging in, the 'new posts' run off of one page, so I have to go to "forums" and...
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    employee cell phones

    Guys, How do you handle emp cell phones?? Do you pay for them?? Are they expected to provide them?? If you do pay for them (I imagine some do), how are you controlling the cost of usage? Do just give them unlimited? This is becoming a real hassle for me. Personally, I'd prefer to...
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    7.3L Ford, injectors

    Hey guys, I know several of you on here have Ford diesels----having some problems regarding our 7.3's, figured i'd ask here before taking it to Fordtrucks forum. We have a 99' and an '01 that both have 7.3's. BOTH have had injectors going bad recently. As you guys know, that is a BIG...
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    bucket truck 4 sale

    I'll post pics if there is any interest.....I've got a 99'F450 bucket truck I want to sell: single cab 7.3 diesel, 130K miles auto, a/c, 2WD 34' Altec bucket, squirter great tires new breaks, rotors, calipers all around new batteries *Best thing about it for Pwashers.....the truck is a...
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    COLORADO woodcare opportunity FOR SALE!!$$

    Business opportunity for sale in Colorado!! Can be located anywhere you choose---advertisements, literature, phone #'s, etc. are not location-specific!! What is it?? A: A service business that does all types of woodcare, with a specialty in log and cedar homes. The majority of leads come...
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    good protein shake

    Gents: ...Been messing around w/ different protein shake recipes, thought I'd pass on my findings. Basing my choices on simplicity, TASTE, nut. value, and cost. Right now, I've just been getting some cheap WheyProtein from Walmart--the EAS vanilla. 20-25g per scoop. Here is my favorite...
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    Gents: What supplements are you guys taking?? I'm hitting the gym hard, looking for a GH/testo. booster (legal, obviously). Besides protein, vitamins, etc. what are you guys taking??
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    log pics??

    seeing if pics work?? Cool it worked!! Scanned some pics from about four years ago and seeing if I could resize them to post. Before/during/after.
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    How do I get....

    .....PWI to quit sending me emails every time someone responds to a thread I've posted in??? I've gone to 'user cp' clicked 'do not send email' when it asks if you want to be alerted. I've saved the changes, but it still happens. Any ideas??