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    Stubborn roof

    We are currently working on some roofs on an apt complex that are giving me a lot of trouble. They are tile, pan and top, and they have not been cleaned in their 20 year life. Some are covered with heavy moss and lichen. I've used up to a 60% sh mix with gain and a sticky surfactant and it took...
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    Question about plumbing Gas powered pumps

    I recently acquired an 18hp gear driven 15gpm pump for roof cleaning. My question is: how do you plumb these systems so the constant agitation from the bypass hose doesnt cause your tank to foam over with the surfactant? I havent tried it yet, but it seems like it would cause a huge amount of...
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    Interior 100 year old warehouse

    I've won a bid to clean the wooden rafters of a 100 something year old warehouse being converted to a restaurant. It's got 30 foot arched ceilings with open rafters that are just very dusty. I don't want to discolor the wood so I won't use beach, my question is what would you use? I plan on...
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    Just did our first Kitchen Deep Cleaning

    Like the title says, Ive been getting bugged by a handful of the restaurants that i service OUTSIDE to tackle the inside... This was a very well known 24 hour chain restaurant that they think has not been taken apart for cleaning for over 20 years. It was... interesting... It took about 7...
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    Cracked TS2021

    Hi all, I recently bought a General TS 2021 to replace a tired 2021 that has a couple thousand hours. I was going to rebuild the tired one in my free time (cause we all have so much of that haha...) I exclusively use this pump on all of my machines for ease of use and interchangeability, some...
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    New Guy from Visalia, Ca

    Hey all, My name is Nick Van Horn. I have just started a new business in my home town of Visalia, Ca called Supercharged Pressure Cleaning. This is my first solo venture and I am excited and eager to grow my business as quickly as possible! I am 24 years old and have grown up in the fast food...