Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
I'm doing the Muscle Milk Protein drink.

About halfway through and here's what I've got so far.

Haven't lost a single pound.

Clothes fitting looser.

Much bigger appetite. Increased calories by about 25%

Libido increased by about 200% :) (Enhanced by the fact that Shelly is doing P90X with me)

Every week there are three days of strength workouts, three days of stretching/cardio/etc workouts.

I can make it through all the strength workouts but still can't do very many pullups without the chair.

I have not been able to make it through a full 1 1/2 hr yoga session.

I can't complete the plyometrics in full.

I've got the ab stuff down to where I can complete it with heavy shoes on.

This is crazy. The workouts I was doing when I was 23 years old pale in comparison to these. Yet today it's all I can do to make it through them.

For you guys who were big and fit five years ago, take the challenge and see how you can do today. I think you will be surprised at how fast we all got out of shape.

Get moving! Get some weights! Do some Cardio! Get back in shape and give the wife a break and get back on top like it was in the olden days! :)

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
Week 8. This is supposed to be an easy week, but we're repeating last week to make up for 5 days we screwed up over the past month.

I've not lost a pound in over a month.

Tried switching over to higher protein and are still doing ok with that, but no weight is coming off. I really want to get rid of that last 20 or so lbs. Since P90X I've gone from less than 1600 calories per day (and losing weight) to an average of 1980 calories per day (and staying at the same weight).

During that time we added almost 40 new office buildings. I've spent countless hours lugging 5lb filters across rooftops in 100+ heat. On the 15 hr days I've resorted to carrying 20 lbs of filters in each hand and doing lunges back and forth across entire roofs while simultaneously doing in and out shoulder flies with the filters to make up for the fact that I wouldn't have time to work out later that night when we were done. All this on less than 2000 calories. And for 7 weeks now. And yet I'm not even losing weight.

I'm going to drop down to 1200 calories and continue the same workout. Hopefully I can lose that last 20 lbs before we hit the road in a few weeks.

There are lots of relatives and other fat people who love to go around saying things like "It's not healthy for you to restrict calories like that" or "It's not good for you to reduce carbs". That's all garbage. It's all that regurgitated junk they teach you in public indoctrination camps (school) to keep you fat and on the public welfare dole. This type of hogwash is detrimental to people like my daughter-in-law Jill. When trying to get in shape it's easy to grab onto any excuse you can find to keep the status quo because getting fit is a scary proposition. Ignorant relatives or friends who are unhappy in their current state and can't stand the thought of others achieving more than them offer excuses to quit before you even get started and it's been tough on Jill. But she's changed her entire eating habits and continues to drop the weight. You guys pray for her. She's got a lot of negative ideas coming at her from a lot of different directions.

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
1200 calories worked. I'm under 200 lbs for the first time in 20 years.

Thank God for giving me the determination. 85 lbs down, 14 more lbs to go.

Tony R

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Nice work Tony. I can't believe you weren't dropping pounds eating 2000 calories a day. I think you must have been gaining some serious muscle.

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
Well, I gained back 20 lbs since then. We finished p90x on the road on our vacation back in July.

We haven't exercised since. I gained about 10 lbs on the trip and another ten over thanksgiving and Christmas.

Back to the old Grindstone soon.

But did it work?

You decide: (I don't have any real good before and after pics)

June 09

June 11

June 2010

June 2011


Clear Shine

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Tony, Is that your wife? She has got some muscle definition! You both are looking great, and keep up the good work!

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
When she started she couldn't even do one pushup. She did the entire p90x with the bands. She operated on about 1200 calories per day and went from 165 to 130 - she's 5 9 1/2.

She has some type of nerve problem in her neck. (Probably because I'm a pain the neck to live with) :), but it went away when she was working out and now it's back. She' anxious to get started again.

I'm having some recent problems related to the stroke again and am going to hold off till I get the scans taken to make sure I don't have any clots about to break off and hopefully can start again in Feb or March.

This time I'm not stopping till I get to 185 no matter what.

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
Went through a terrible bout with headaches connected to my stroke back in November-December. It affected my memory so bad there were times when I had to pull over and call Shelly just to find my way to locations we had been to hundreds of times before. I thought I had another stroke. The doctor says that is was migraines that affect that part of my brain. I guess we will find out next week, I finally got an MRI scheduled.

Meanwhile, I put on 35 lbs since we got back off our summer vacation. The migraines had a wierd effect. I could eat and the headache would subside for a while so I started eating more and more often. Now I've gotten into the habit of eating too much. I've got to fix that. I don't want to ever go back to walking roofs in the Las Vegas summer overweight.

And it's contagious. I think Shelly has gained back about 12-15 lbs.

We are going to have to do something fast if we are going to do it by the time the major heat hits.

I'm thinking about INSANITY. Have any of you guys ever tried it? P90X was great, but it took an hour and a half per day. It's hard to schedule that now. We are SUPER busy right now.

This INSANITY is supposed to be only 45 minutes per day. Have any of you guys tried it? Looks like most of the guys on the program lost about 30 lbs over the 60 days. That's exactly what I need.


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Tony, If you liked P90x and the results you got check out TRX. TRX is a suspension system that uses your weight for the workouts. It is portable and can be hooked up to your door, a tree, pole, etc. It is great for those who travel a lot because it fits in a tiny bag which can fit into carry on luggage.

There are dozens of exercises for arms, shoulders, abs, legs, etc...