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Do Vehicle Graphics get you calls?

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That is cool.

How did you get started in that or how did you learn those programs, they sound like it might take years to learn.

An ex-girlfriend of mine years ago worked for a printing company and the computers were Mac's and she used Adobe, Quark Express, and some others that were hard to learn but she learned on the job.

I am trying to learn Publisher so I can only imagine how hard it is to learn the better programs out there.

Email me some of your work if you do work for pressure washer contractors, I might be interested.

Good Luck.

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Richard Fleming

New member
My magnetic signs and my rear window sticker get me calls........from my buddies that see me in town and want to know where I am going.
I also get business calls as well.....even kids know my truck. One of the kids as my daughters school (3rd grade) saw my shirt and said to me " You drive that Hydro Clean Truck!"
I thought that was pretty cool!
My yard sign just got us a condo job first time I have put it out in a long time
I washed my brothers driveway and a non pressure roof wash to his home
got your email I like the lines truck signs I went with same layout but my signs on my truck
CF First Choice Pressure washing
Residental and comerical exterior detailer
with my number.