HHR Graphics & Yard Signs

Do Vehicle Graphics get you calls?

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    Votes: 56 87.5%
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Sign on HHR is TOO SMALL

I did similar signs on our small hatchbacks - twice . It lasted less than a week... I took it down ... why ? So many people tried to read it while driving behind us ... they were just too close and it wasn't safe.
My 2 cents ... Try to read your window sign from at least 20-25 feet . If you can read it easily - sign is good . Advertisement on moving objects / cars have to be short and easy to read and remember in a short time. Company name / website address should be #1 priority . Forget about phone number or a lot of detailed informations . It works great only in printed materials or not moving objects when potential customer have enough time to read everything .
BTW ... I'm Advertisement and Marketing specialist in addition to being pw pro :)

Just my 2 cents ... it's your car ;-)
Greetings Nicole
Something like this . It works ... believe me.
All my vehicle advertisement brings me at least 5-7k every year just from people driving behind me. Add to this people who see my trucks parked at the job site. It's very important to have this kind of advertisement on your work cars/trucks but also it have to be done the correct way .
What you guys thinking ? Just my quick fix ;-)



I Like he back window signs but my truck has he sliding rear glass so noway to put it on and make it look good..


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I voted no because I havent really gotten any calls from it. It might just be the design or the size. Although I have gotten ALOT of jobs showing up to a bid with the truck lettered. So i feel its a must to have it done.

Apple Roof Cleaning

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Here is the best roof cleaning sign we have ever used.


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Grime Busters LLC

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Contact Mike at http://www.razr.com/

I did my trailer and back windows on all my vehicles. Simple to apply, and Mike charged my 50% than the others I contacted for the same order.

They also do logo design, business cards, etc. Tell him I sent you and I'm sure he'll treat you fair.


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We have magnets on our trucks, but I do want to get graphics on the back windows. I saw a really neat design that is actually reflective at night and am trying to find someone who can do that for us.


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I just got done wrapping my vehicle a few days ago I really think it helps. Maybe people will not call you directly because they saw the lettering or graphics on your truck but they will probably remember the logo and when they are looking for pressure washer in the phone book or see an ad maybe with your business name I think it helps (it cant hurt). Coroplast yard signs are nice to have fairly inexpensive standard size is 24"x18" so are somewhat noticeable if you use the right contrasting colors.


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@ donewithdirt,
If you are looking at reflective vinyls it can get a little expensive and for the money I think it is a little more cost efective to get window perf this will cover back glass compleatly and is full digitaly printed and if designed nicely will get a lot more impressions then the reflective vinyl unless you are mostly working at night.


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I actually ordered mine from ebay...the members user name was
sting-ray-signs...they did an excellent job. 25 signs with stands 2 color 2 sided for 195 shipped


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Thanks Guys,
I used both illustrator and photoshop working with both vector and raster images. I have done a few wraps over the years for different customers but they always wind up being stressful between the install and design process. I know some wrap shops are very good at them and can have there installers knock them out in no time.
Thank you I can tell you I do not have both of those softwares. What is vector and raster images person that did my lettering said I have to image done in vector image I told her that it was jpg.