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Got the window "perf" put on the HHR this morning, I think it looks good, the font could have been a bit larger, but all in all it looks good. Picked up the yard signs as well. These are just to leave in the yards where we do work. I have one that says "Exterior House Washing" , DECK & FENCE STAINING & SEALING" and DRIVEWAY CLEANING.

I like the window sign I have one in my back window as well. It has paid for itself many times over.. Your yard signs are clean, legible, and to the point!!!!!! I like them:D I've seen a lot of signs where people try to make them to fancy and unless you are close to it you cant even read them:eek:


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Looks good.
One our nicest accounts came from a truck sign over 5 years ago. Been doing them every Saturday for the past 5years.


Since it is perforated, I would have made the info a lot bigger so it could be read from further away or just have it lettered.

I would have had a professional like Keith at KBK Graphics design something, he did the graphics for my truck and it gets me more calls than my old yellow pages ad, over 50 calls and 40 jobs from the graphics alone.

You should always go with a profesional, someone that is very good at what they do, kind of like us vs. homeowners with their hardware store machines. Both can get the job done but usually the results are dramatically different.


I need to wash it first, I have not been able to wash it in a week since the hand injury (the 2nd degree burn and I lost most of the skin on my right hand) but as soon as I can, I will post some pics.

I did post some on PT State and here back in September or October of last year before I had it done.
Chris - Like I said, I wanted it bigger too, but this is what I got. I designed it myself to save some bucks...its plain simple and easy to read.


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i like them, that kinda advertising does work.. Ive had great results with yards signs that just say pressure washing or roof cleaning & phone #
Just this alone has netted me thousands and thousands of $$$'s....Nothing fancy! Simple and to the point. Think it cost me about $75.00.
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Ya can only fit so much in the back window of an Avalanche! LOL


I was originally going to get a perforated back window sign but decided on plain lettering instead with the truck graphics.

Check on ebay and do a search for truck window signs and window graphics, you will find a lot of places that will do them for a fair price. I did not want to install it but if you feel like you can do that, you can have a good sign for under $150.00. Installed locally was going to be around $200.00.

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I just did up my lift truck and it is already getting me work.


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Very Nice Nicole,

I like the perf. window graphic. I am doing all my trucks now and may eventually do the window graphics.
I have done this in the past with different vehicles and it always hits a "Home Run". They definitely bring the business.

I have decide to go with my abilities as well in the graphic arts and using a vinyl plotter/cutter I have done some of our magnetic door signs and our van signs and am now working on our open trailer signage. I will post pictures soon. I have not tried to go with anything to fancy. To the point but still nice looking.

Again GREAT JOB on the nice layout of the signs Nicole, and I hope many $$$$$ come your way from your professional looking designs.
I have had my trucks lettered for a few years. About a year ago I had the tailgates done. Within a Couple of Days iwas stopped at at red light and got a call from the woman behind me. She lived around the corner, I gave the estimate and got a $900 job. Worth the money