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    Lets Talk About Rinse Additives

    I live in a high TDS area (200-750) and have been flirting around with the idea of using a rinse additive to help with spotting of the windows. Should you mix some into a bucket and ds it during rinsing or add it to your buffer tank? Also how much? My current mix is 3 gal sh, snot or sitck up...
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    Tell Me About Email Marketing

    I would like to start a email marketing campaign to past customers/prospects. What has worked for you? Are there any apps or services that you have used? I am using house call pro but I'm not sure there is a way to attach a email flyer. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Someone stole my idea!!

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    What Software and Apps are you using?

    I was wondering what software and apps everyone is using? We use proposal to send estimates and follow up with a phone call a few days later. For invoicing and financial we us Wave. I would like to get away from Wave and try out combination of customer factor and QB or house call pro and QB...
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    In Your Opinion, Waht Is The Best 12v Pump for roof cleaning?

    In your opinion what is the best 12v pump for roof cleaning? I would like to get a little more distance out of my roof cleaning setup. I currently have the gen 2 12v system from PWS. I believe they are surflos 5gpm at 60psi but don't quote me on that.
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    Lets talk about Wax

    I've been doing some searching on here about adding wax to your hw mix. Some say it is snake oil, some say it works well and gives the siding a wet look. I know Russ sells a wax and have also read about people using carnauba in there mix. I haven't had anyone ask me about adding wax to a...
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    Book Recommendations

    I will be listening to Book Yourself Solid on audible during my drive to Des Moines for the Mid-West Cleaning Conference and was wondering what books have influenced/helped grow your business?
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    Who is using a WFP for roof cleaning?

    Ok guys here it is! Be easy on me, it is pretty ruff looking but it works!
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    Who is using a WFP for roof cleaning?

    I have a roof/house wash on Friday and was thinking about rigging up my wfp to clean from the ground. Anyone here use a wfp or pole system? From looking at the pics I'm not sure if I want to walk it or not.
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    Home owner diy gutter/soffit cleaning....

    The home owner used simple green and a sos pad all the way around the house. There were spots like this everywhere! Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk 2
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    F-9 Calcium and Efflorescence remover

    We hit this with hw mix, roof wash mix, and f9 barc. It lightened up a bit but still pretty bad. I have some efflorescence in route. This stain goes pretty much all the way around the home except for the front. No sprinkler system so I am not sure what the heck it is.
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    A+ 21" SC nozzle sizes

    I have a new A+ 21" SC and was wondering what the nozzle sizes were? There are no markings on the nozzles and this weekend I had a issue with stripping. I used the sc to do my driveway to test out my equipment before things got busy and had no issues. I just want to make sure I have the...
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    Wood plank siding

    How would one go about washing a painted wood plank sided house? I was thinking just a weak hw mix but want to make sure before moving forward. The paint looks like it is in good shape but I have told the home owner there may be some flaking.
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    Cleaning PT deck, only have SH on hand...

    I got a call a few hours ago for a PT deck cleaning that has never been stained. The guy needs to have it done tomorrow and all I have on hand is 12.5%sh. Are there any good store bought cleaners or can I use my pump up with a 50/50 SH/H2o mix and rinse with low pressure. I have done a ton of...
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    Holy bugs Batman!

    Thanks Doug!