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    Success in selling the company

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any success in selling their company? I am looking to sell in about 1-2 years and just looking for some advice. Thanks Sam Moseley M&W Pressure Washing LLC Lakeland FL
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    Doing my first school bid, any ideas?

    I am doing my first bid for a school Monday morning. Has anyone ever bided on a school before? I don't know alot of details yet but what from I have been informed its all flatwork. It is roughly 15,000 sq ft, or so he says, we know how that can go sometime. I would appreciate any thoughts or...
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    How often should the surface be cleaned?

    Hey guys, I am focusing on gaining more commercial jobs this year and I am off to a great start. I have one question tho, how often should commercial concrete be cleaned? Obviously how fast it gets dirty but there has to be more factors than that. What has worked best for you when getting a...
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    Commercial or Residential?

    What should I focus on, residential or commercial jobs? I have been getting numerous residential cleanings and some commercial cleanings. I am currently getting insurance which should open the doors to more commercial cleaning. I have a very high relationship with the business community that I...
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    Most Successful Advertising?

    What is the most successful advertising products y'all have had the most return on? Yardsigns, postcards, door hangers, ads?? I ask this because Iv done postcards, yard signs, and some ads but have not had really great success with them. Thanks! Sam Moseley M&W Pressure Washing...
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    Are Facebook Pages Helpful?

    Are facebook pages helpful? I made one anyway, but do they work? I would appreciate a "like" on my new facebook page if you could ill give you a like back! Thanks Sam Moseley M&W Pressure Washing Lakeland, FL