Are Facebook Pages Helpful?

Are facebook pages helpful? I made one anyway, but do they work? I would appreciate a "like" on my new facebook page if you could ill give you a like back! Thanks

Sam Moseley
M&W Pressure Washing
Lakeland, FL
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Both Sam and Josh have been liked!!

I've gotten a fair amount of referrals and work from my FB page. I love it!!

Guy Blackmon

Roundtable Host 2009
It's s great tool to validate your business to customers. And a great place for customers to leave commits.

Lou hoods&more

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Our experience has shown a much higher hit factor to FB as opposed to website when both are presented during marketing. I believe this is do to familiarity (seems everyone has a FB) and trustworthiness (they trust it since they also have a FB account) it has marketing value.

David Phillips

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Facebook and social media in general are a vital part of a marketing strategy today. The larger your "social footprint" the more credibility you create for your company and your website. Google is a lot like your human friends, family and customers; the more it sees your name around town, the more likely it is to trust, recommend and remember you. Facebook is the big player right now, but also don't forget Google+. Quality content that is also linked to G+ will consistently out-rank content that is not on G+.