Doing my first school bid, any ideas?

I am doing my first bid for a school Monday morning. Has anyone ever bided on a school before? I don't know alot of details yet but what from I have been informed its all flatwork. It is roughly 15,000 sq ft, or so he says, we know how that can go sometime. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on pricing the project. Thanks for all the help!

Sam Moseley
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I have cleaned a lot of schools and will be working all day tomorrow on one. Give me a call in the next hour as I can fill you in on what the schools around here expect.


Go look at it first as it can have areas that are not dirty at all and then you see areas that have so much gum the concrete looks black from far away.

Most schools I have done were not bad jobs at all, just had to string out a lot of supply hose on most of them.

Around here they always go with the lowest bidder all the time and I thought lowballers were bad in Florida, the painters here have some of those guys beat.