Most Successful Advertising?

What is the most successful advertising products y'all have had the most return on? Yardsigns, postcards, door hangers, ads?? I ask this because Iv done postcards, yard signs, and some ads but have not had really great success with them. Thanks!

Sam Moseley
M&W Pressure Washing

Mark 8262

Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Specia
1) Website
2) Website
3) Website
4) Yellow Pages

This is how it works for me


Graphic Designer
Sam, I'm in the same position. Either people don't care about their property enough to have it cleaned and maintained, they can't afford to have it cleaned or they just want it for nothing.

For me, word of mouth has been the best 'bidniss gitter' to date, followed by bandit signs (during and after the job).

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
Websites are great hire Cullen , he generated me about 12 calls last week. Pays for its self over and over

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Website. Do some research on search engine optimization or hire a proffesional to optimize your site for you. I studied SEO for about a year my first year in the business. Search engines alter algorythms often so you have to stay up to date with it. Its kinda like a part time job for the business, but it worked out good for me.

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