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    web host's

    does anyone have any recommendations for a web host?
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    what can be used in place of tsp in applesauce? its banned here and need a substitute.
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    delevan pump/ house washing

    im purchasing a delevan pump for roof cleaning and was wondering if it can efficiently spray house wash on house and also how many feet will it spray?
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    tank size for roof cleaning

    i don't clean too many roofs but would like to purchase a tank to hold roof cleaner in. what is the smallest i can get away with to hold enough roof cleaner for one house.
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    streaks on windows

    what is the best way to remove streaks from windows that sometimes may be left after power washing a house?
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    cleaning rocks around pond

    someone called today asking to have the rocks around there pond power washed to clean them. has anyone ever attempted this before?
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    muriatic acid & concrete

    i got a call today from someone who wants me to re do their concrete driveway. he previously had a handyman do it and when completed he said the concrete was brown & white. he now wants the brown cleaned off. what would you do?:rolleyes:
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    store bleach/12.5%

    does anyone know the equivalence of store bought bleach and 12.5%. in other words how many gallons o store bought bleach equals 12.5%?
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    cabot's waterbased tinted sealer

    i always use oil based sealer but ended up having to use cabot's waterbased tinted sealer. in my opinion the waterbased dries too quick and becomes very tacky. also for a tint it looked more like a semi transparent stain to me. also the application is more time consuming than oil base, due to...
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    tide laundry soap

    does anyone know if tide laundry detergent contains any ammonia?
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    I Am Always Asked By Customers How Long The Sealer Will Last And I Tell Them That It Determines How Much Sunlight Is Constantly On The Deck, How Much Shade Is On The Deck And Also Its Surroundings Play A Large Factor. Many Customers Say That Previous Contractors Sealed There Decks And They Still...
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    airless sprayer/pump sprayer

    i have been using a pump sprayer from ace to seal decks, but with the recommended tip it seems not to mist enough. im wondering if i am better off using an airless sprayer. if anyone has recommendations for a certain brand of pump sprayer or airless let me know.
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    moisture meter

    does anyone use a moisture meter? i was questioning whether or not it is necessary.
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    moss on roof

    i tried to clean moss off of a customers roof from the ground and nothing i used would even loosen it up. im guessing the only way to clean it is to go on the roof and use light pressure. it almost looks as if grass has grown on their roof. any suggestions?
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    mex instead of tsp

    i tried to get tsp but in my area they are saying you cannot get tsp anymore. instead they are telling me to use mex which they are selling in its place. if anyone knows about mex fill me in.