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    Do you hang Christmas lights?

    Here's one we do every year. C-7 LED's with incandescent mini lights on the trees. Common things to keep stocked on are zip ties, clips and electrical tape.
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    Recovery Unit Setups

    This is how I setup my trailer when I first loaded recovery equipment a year and a half ago. It's not that trailer anymore.
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    So how do really Successful People Dress?

    This is what I do as a side job
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    So how do really Successful People Dress?

    Me. Business attire on sales days and business casual every other day. Haha
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    Not understanding pumps

    Something like this Pat
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    How much?

    Let's switch things up from the usual Q & A here. Take a cookie franchise business that's for sale: Grosses $250k/year. Prime location in a large popular mall - $65k year lease 7 PT employees plus manager $1,500 in inventory Cash flow is $20k Asking price is $60k How much would you say the...
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    What sources is everyone using for hiring staff? I haven't had the best of luck with Craigslist. I also had a bad experience with a temp service earlier this year so I'm reluctant on even trying another one out. Thank you.
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    10 gpm

    When running 10 GPM on my 20" surface cleaner, it seems as though it spins so fast it's leaving swirls (not stripes). So I have to slow down. But slowing down defeats the purpose of being able to move faster with the extra volume. Using 15 deg nozzles and a 2 nozzle-1 bar arm inside. Would...
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    Telescopic Wand

    It's all in how you handle it...
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    Blood stains

    Anyone know the best way to remove dried blood stains from concrete? I've done a search but couldn't find anything. Bleach, degreaser, oxalic acid, Taginator? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Show them if you have them!!!!! ITS TIME

    Not my best ones but you get the point.
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    Micro Fiber Towels for free

    Recieved today. I think someone else got the pink ones I asked for but thats ok LOL. Graffiti wipes and O-rings are always great to have on hand. Thanks again Ron and Shaye!