Who uses house wax


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I have a property asking about something to help their fading vinyl siding. I never used any house waxes before, whats the pros and cons ups and downs of it.
What are good products
will it help fading light colored siding
I know it can be added to a house wash mix, does it really work
what about windows
are there any down side to using it
anything else I should know about adding a house wax

any help will be appreciated


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I looked into it once, but to many comments about windows streaking. So I have not tried any of them. I would be interested in seeing if there is actually that much of a difference....
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Russ Johnson

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If it were me, I'd use the wax after rinsing the house wash off. Most spray waxes are sacrificial, meaning they're made to be washed off so they don't build up on the surface and discolor. I can't imagine getting the full effect of the wax if you're mixing it with a solution designed to remove it.


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I just started using wax. I put it on after I'm done rinseing the soap. I'm with Russ on that. I do rinse the windows afterward and so far don't have a problem.
The main culprit of the fading process as we all know are uv rays and acid rain. Thats why we come across vinyl siding with chalking and the vinyl actually looking dull. This is what causes the oxidation which actually is a prime surface for mold to live, thus why we see so much vinyl siding actually covered in green.

So in short...I use a liquid wax on all my vinyl Power Washing Services. Thus far I use Meguires GOLD CLASS™ LIQUID WAX. I also add some rinsing agents into the mix and some foaming agents. As always I squeegee every window, but this is an upsell.

Hope this helps. :eek:uttahere:

Tony Shelton

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Russ, do you know anything about the new waterproofing coatings for drivit, stucco or concrete? There was a lot of that at the World of Concrete show this year.
Russ, do you know anything about the new waterproofing coatings for drivit, stucco or concrete? There was a lot of that at the World of Concrete show this year.

I used to waterproof alot and besides the cleaning process having to remove all contaminants, there has to be a bonding primer and 2 coats of the high build finish. The coating MUST be breathable to allow for vapors to escape while not allowing wind driven rain as well as those pesky bugs to enter.

We would dig along the siding of the house down about 10 inches before we cleaned. The thinking is that bugs such as termites will not go but so far and turn away. something like 12 inches a pest man once told me. Anyhow, the right coating is a true living armour for the home. I actually am going to get certified in a coating system later this year for Early spring next year...

Tony Shelton

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The stuff we saw at WOC was a clear rubbery like coating that is supposed to prevent staining from runoff like rust.
So your putting car wax in your housewash? How much?
What are your rinsing agents?

Yep, the one from Meguires I mentioned as it mixes well with the Detergent I use from ACR Products. It has a orange fragrance to it. As far as a rinsing agent...SoSoft from SunBrite Supply is a good choice.

I tend to put about 6 ounces of the Meguiar's Direct Gold Class™ Liquid Wax in my 5er. so basically 3.5 of 12%, 16 oz of the ACR house wash and about 8-10 ounces of the SoSoft. Fill to about 1/2 shy of a top off with water.

Pretty good mix to use for cleaning vinyl Siding and leaving a sweet sheen.
I have used Plex master for the past 11 years, I like it . It is a up sell and it seems most people in Florida go with the basic house wash.