trailer build - tandem or single axle?


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Jeff I don't know how the aluminum trailers would hold up if they were not coated with something. My trailer is steel but I've applied a product called Plasti-Dip to part of it in the area where I keep my chemicals and SH. It's been on there for about 6 months and so far so good. I may end up coating the whole trailer with it. We'll see.


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Thanks guys.

Benjamin - I mounted the 125 tank over dead center of the middle of the two axles. For the most part it will be pulled empty or with maybe 30-50 gallons of chem in it, and finish the mix at the job. Eventually this will probably become my supply tank, and get another tank same size or smaller for chem and placed directly infront of the current tank, and then move both tanks back a few feet.. Working on a new 8gpm hot water skid (the plan anyway) and will probably mount it on the front.. I don't want too much tongue weight, but I also don't want a bunch of weight on the ass end either. But so far it pulls like a dream. Very happy with everything so far. And after landing some solid work this week, everything is just about paid for in full, as well as now having full coverage insurance for residential and commercial. Makin way!

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Chris Dubbs

it is as of now. why do you say that? weight/placards?

Most regs are for a 100 of chem. even though a big portion of your 125 will be water, they don't know that, and it will be mixed so it will be looked at as 125 of chem.

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Ah I see.. Well I actually only carried 90 gallons total.. And that was on site.. Only hauled 30 of sh

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Hey David was great meeting you, if you ever need anything hit me up 904-504-6204 sorry I was a little lost in what we were susposed to be doing, not quite a social butterfly too. Id be happy to help another guy in this business. hope the shows goes good for you, I might be able to make it back over there on Saturday.


CL Scott

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Hope your rig is big and powerful enough to handle a bigger trailer. Bigger trailer= more equipment=more weight

I need a larger tank first 275 gallon water tote. I have an additional reel, for my dedicated chemical system. Everything is under 5k lbs