Read any good books lately?

Would you buy a book written for small service businesses?

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The books that stick out in my life, are like Daniel said "Think and Grow Rich", that's a classic! And my personal favorite "Confessions of an Advertising Man" by David Ogilvy. This book was written 40 or 50 years ago and is still relevant. Another is Lights, Cubicle & Action, written by my brother, very wise, with great insights.
Great Subject

One book that changed my life which i have been reading was written in 1936. I highly recommend it. It’s funny how a book written so early, can have such an impact today in the information world. What book am I talking about? The book is called “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. As much as skill in the trade is important I have found that my product is not cleaning. My product is people.

Readers are learners, when I want to learn I read. When I want to feel good I listen to Cd’s etc.

I try and make time to read at least 2 chapters everyday. I don’t have time either… But I have learned that the rich do not get 25 hours and the poor do not get 23 hours. We all get 24 hours and what we do with those 24 hours creates our future. One thing that has really help me move forward is, I try and make every hour a product of something. So at night I try and make it a point to spend one hour reading a chapter of something I desire to learn.
Check out The E-Myth Revisited. Great book. Also on tape and CD at

A timely and relevant treatment for learning how to make yourself obsolete in your business so you and I can one day enjoy life more and do less running for the money.

Great ideas! A must read!
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During the thanksgiving holiday I decided to read something besides tech manuals, comparison reports, lab studies and other such stuff.

Since Thanksgiving I am on my fourth Dean Koontz book. I forgot how easy it is to get deep into a plot.
For the past three years I've been reading only the bible (different translations) and technical books. Shelly told me I'm going to go crazy and I need to "lose" myself in a novel like I used to.

That was at Thanksgiving. Since then I've read:

Dean Koontz: Scale 1 is bad - 10 is good.

Velocity - 5
Odd Thomas - 6
The Eyes of Darkness - 4
From the corner of his eye - 8
Darkfall - 4
The Husband - 9

I just started "By the light of the moon" today.

I can really fly though these after all the years of reading manuals, studies and papers.

Shelly built me up quite a collection of Deen Koontz from yard sales over the past few years.

My favorite Dean Koontz book is still "Mr Murder".

By the way, Shelly had me pick up a title from Terry Goodkind.

He writes fantasy novels. He and his wife have become good friends of ours over the years. He's one of the most down to earth and nicest guys I've ever met. You can guess what kind of cars he owns. Every book he's ever written except for one has been on the New York Times best seller list. He sold over 25 million copies. He's switching over to mainstream thrillers.

We met them 8 years ago.
Here's our friend Terry. They moved out of town a ways and we hadn't seen them in almost a year. He told me the other day he had bought a race car. I didn't know he meant a REAL race car. I told him I went 155 in Shelly's car on the road to Pahrump. (now I'm embarrassed by that after seeing this car)

This is on the race track at Pahrump where Chris and I used to race the bikes. (BTW it's $250/ day for the most fun you could ever have in your life.)

By the way, I'm going to mention this again. Terry is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. You'd never know he's a best selling author. He's just a good guy.

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Back to reading non-fiction

Reading "Eusebus' Ecclesiastical History".

Written by Eusebus in the 300's.

Hard to follow, but I'm on the last 30 pages.

Did you know Christians were put on iron grills like the double sided grills you place hot dogs in between and cooked one section at a time. This way they could be tortured for days before they died.

In the first persecution they used the "iron chair" where the person was chained to the chair and cooked for a while in one position, then moved to another position the next day to cook.

They were "skinned" alive using sharpened seashells.

Their eyes were cut out and seared with a red hot sword tip.

They used horses to pull tree tops together, then after tying the victim to the ropes, cut them loose and tore their limbs off or tore them in half.

This is what happened before Christianity had an opportunity to permeate mankind. This is the type of barbarism still evident in countries where Christianity and/or the principles of Christianity has been repressed.

This is what we have to look forward to as our Christian heritage is removed from society.

The books that stick out in my life, are like Daniel said "Think and Grow Rich", that's a classic! And my personal favorite "Confessions of an Advertising Man" by David Ogilvy. This book was written 40 or 50 years ago and is still relevant. Another is Lights, Cubicle & Action, written by my brother, very wise, with great insights.

Mark Truly curious about the one your brother wrote, couldn't find it.
Yes...this topis is so old. But hope that somebody in some time reply me...I just started to read Postcard From Kashmir. The speaker in the poem describes his feelings after receiving a postcard from his native land- Kashmir, a region of Indian subcontinent. The postcard contains a photograph of Kashmir-a place the speaker still considers his home. Here i fond short and interesting summary of this book who might be ineresting -
I can recommend to everyone.
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