Read any good books lately?

Would you buy a book written for small service businesses?

  • Yes

    Votes: 32 68.1%
  • No

    Votes: 5 10.6%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 10 21.3%

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Beth & Rod

SR Wood Geek / Moderator
If you had the chance to buy a book filled with business basics specifically for the service industries like ours, would you?

What would YOU want to read about? Remember, this is the business, advertising, marketing side of the house I'm talking about not the how to do the job side....

Please list what you would want to read below, and take time to respond to the poll.


p.s. writing is under way...:cool:
Beth, If you are planning on authoring a book look at
jay Conrad Levinson for Guerrilla Marketing for an idea
that may be of interest to us as a service business.
must read

hi beth,

i have just read a great book, it is only 93 pages long the title of it is "who moved my cheese" by dr spencer johnson and it is a great book,probaly take a hour to read.

i will bet you that you will read it two or three times in a couple of days and i will go as far to say if you dont like it i will pay for it:D ,

i think it costs about 8 bucks and i am sure you can get it off "amazon" for less.[private sellers].

this a great "wake up call".

cheers paul
Hi Paul,
It IS a great book. I read it about a year... maybe a year and a half ago.
"See You at the Top" Zig Ziglar
Subject of this thread threw me off...didn't know the poll was going to insult people.

I read books that mentors have encouraged me to read, even if they were the 'book to read' in time past.

Ron, I'd like to write a book too, but mine is for kids.
COOL, mine is kind of a bit 'self prescribed'

My wife gave me a stuffed monkey as a gift years ago...that night, he came to life! Kind of in the kim catrell role of Manaquin...when nobody who will judge is around....its amazing all the places Monty has been.

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Beth or Rod, What are some of the good books you have read? I am looking for some good ones right now but am not sure which would be good. What would you recommend?
I try to read a book a week. If possible! There are many great authors to keep up with. I focus on Business, Motivational and anything related to what we do. E-Myth is a great place for business owners to start. The largest % of our customers are professionals. They expect to speak to some one with a little knowledge. Reading is the # 1 idea I tried to pass onto my children. Thank You.
Beth, I would read a book relating to our business. I would like to see the Good, Bad & Ugly. There was on written awhile ago, I believe called Mouse Ears? It was about Disney and all the behind scenes. Pretty interesting. I bet most folks here have some story to tell. "Like one time in band camp"!!! LOL
Beth:I Read alot a couple authors come to mind the first is Napoleon Hill- Think and Grow Rich I have read at least 6 different versions and re-read as well he is a great author very motivational, also Matthew Kelly The rhythm of life and I'm currently reading Perfectly Yourself 9 Lessons for Enduring Happiness. I several others but don't want to carry on. dh:)