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Ashley Phillips

Neck Warmer

Just found a new use for this dog. I think i will train her to massage my neck while she is up there.


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Ashley Phillips

Yea, I thought about that after it was up there.
I guess i should take a video of me and my wife throwing a stick while a big lab jumps out of the back of my beat up truck. Then I put my arm around her and say THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, .....kinda like a chevy commercial.
That should bring the testosterone back. lol


Matthew Norman

LOL, good pics Larry! I like cats too.

Bustin' your chops BigAsh----my neighbor has three maltese and they torture my dogs anytime they get a chance. I can only let mine out one at a time, but when I do, they always end up getting chased away by the three little maltese dogs:) Don't get a boxer if you are looking for a rugged, protective dog:)

Nice looking rascal there Nicole! Mastiffs are such nice, pleasant dogs. Here are my two boxers:

Nice Dogs Jon! Here is a picture of our 8 month old boxer.


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