Hydro ...

This is "Hydro" our new addition. He is a black lab / Mastiff Mix (I dont see the mastiff, but boy his daddy was a big one...) :eek: and about 9 weeks old. We got him last night from a farm up in Northern Colorado. He seems to like this new spot he found up on my desk...in a few weeks he will take up the whole right side...:p

Lauren, our 3 yr old is absolutely giddy over him and very upset that she couldnt take him to daycare today.



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nice pup

he looks thick and i do see the mastiff-in the muscle structure i too have a mastiff-mix(1/4) he,s a rhodesian ridgeback he,s 3 @ 142lbs good luck nicole - steve


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Ashley Phillips

Here is our new addition. It seems like every time my wife wants to have kids I have to buy her another dog.


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I love dogs. Always had one. We live in an apartment now so a dog is not in our future just yet. They need room to run and play. Here is what we have now though. Great kids! Good looking pup Nichole. He's gonna be a big one. His paws are almost as big as the mouse!
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LOL, good pics Larry! I like cats too.

Bustin' your chops BigAsh----my neighbor has three maltese and they torture my dogs anytime they get a chance. I can only let mine out one at a time, but when I do, they always end up getting chased away by the three little maltese dogs:) Don't get a boxer if you are looking for a rugged, protective dog:)

Nice looking rascal there Nicole! Mastiffs are such nice, pleasant dogs. Here are my two boxers:


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The Cleaner

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My Boy Duke..K-9 trained and certified..Best protection dog and friend..He is a Belgian Malinois..


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