A few questions for guys with vans...

Forgot to mention if you can find the extended cargo vans its well worth the difference in price. It's about 3 foot longer past the wheel well. The GVW on mine is just as high as the smaller box trucks and they can get in alot more places and DOT doesn't mess with you.
I'm looking into a sprinter van too but I want to occasionally pull a trailer so I'd rather not depend on sliding a skid out the back...anybody have creative ways to get the hose reels accessible from the curb side?
Next year Ford is introducing the Euro-type Transit Van and the E-Series is going away. Taking on Sprinter. More aero, more cube, lighter weight, small high-torque diesels, smaller turning circle.



Following suit, Dodge - er Ram just introduced its rebranded Fiat, the Pro Master. Same drill as the Ford with one big exception - it's front wheel drive. That allows for a lower load floor. Around here, where it rains a lot, FWD won't work if you put a heavy load in it. Also, you'll wear out front tires. Probably ok though for delivering feather pillows or inflated balloons.


Mercedes isn't standing still and completely redesigned the Sprinter for 2014. One cool feature is auto side wind compensation which decreases "sailing". Around here that'd be big on the freeways during winter wind/rain storms.

Also, they introducing a pickup with folding sides to it can also function like a flatbed. Handy.


Not to be outdone, Government Motors is introducing the ...





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Those are pretty sweet vans. I'm thinking of having a small slide out with just the hose reels on it, coming off the back right. The rear doors on the sprinters swing open all the way so that makes room for the hose reels. 90% of what we do is on the curb side and 5% is off the back, and 5% is off the drivers side. Anybody ever see a small heavy duty slider?
Guy we bought a new van a couple years back and had the whole cargo area walls,floor, ceiling and doors LineXed and it started peeling up within a month. Come to find out they just used promoter for it to stick instead of sanding anything. Worse part about it is LineX wouldn't warranty it because it being used for commercial. Costs me $2300 to have it done and now all it does is trap moisture. In sure if it was done right it would work great
The van is working out pretty well so far. I just picked up a 5gpm 3k psi hot water unit from Carlos so I am trying to figure out the best way to set it up. I work in a machine shop so I may fab up a removable snorkel for the burner. Right now it is at the very back of the van. Still have room for wands and extendable brushes on the side. I have the hose reels coming out of the side door. Need to figure out a good place for buffer tank and roof cleaning setup. I may just invest in a small trailer and run two setups, one residential and one commercial.

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Bumping this thread, because i have similar questions. If anyone has any input, i would appreciate it.

wjs0311, I have a similar setup as you did (GX390, 3 reels, 12V pump), and i am going to try to set it up in a Ford E350 van. I have a 275 tote, but may not use it right now, because my PW is direct drive and i dont think it will pull from a buffer tank. I'm using 55 gallon drums for SH and mix tanks. Maybe 5 gallon jugs for downstreaming.

Did the van setup work ok for you? What did you do as far as the floor situation... did you coat it? Also, did you make a divider to go between the cab and the back?

Thanks for any advice... im brand new to all of this and this will be my first rig. Right now i was thinking about stacking 2 reels at the side door, but that's as far as i have gotten with the planning.