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    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    Our little one is turning one next week. She's been awesome!
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    Post your first Rig

    Here is a picture of our first rig. It's a Tuff TNT unit replaced by the Shark lineup. It's been a great skid!
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    Denver Window Cleaning - Pro Clean Windows of Colorado

    We are getting ready to launch our Denver Window Cleaning division - Pro Clean Windows of Colorado. Over the years after attending pressure washing seminars, and networking among other window cleaning people around we've decided to take a step forward and add it onto our services. Check our...
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    Kohler Command 25HP Engine Oil Leak / Fuel mixed with Oil

    After finishing up a job the other night I noticed oil was all over the engine. Front and Back. I took the air filter off and noticed the black breather tube that goes through the top is slowly spitting out oil. When I checked the oil it smelled like gas was mixed in with the oil. Help!!!
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    Needing Photos for Next eClean Magazine

    Email sent. I also attached another one.
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    Needing Photos for Next eClean Magazine

    The last two pictures are of us de-icing a CAT Truck scale. They called us late one night because there scale was frozen and they are held accountable if the truckers get ticketed for not weighing in. We still had the plow on because of a recent snow storm.
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    Please everybody help!!

    I recently re-designed our company web-site and i'm trying to increase our social network ranking, as well as SEO. What i'm asking for is goto our website and click on the facebook "LIKE" and google "+1" on the left hand side where is says SHARE. I WOULD BE MORE AND...
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    Video Categories

    We need more video categories. I uploading a house washing and denver parking garage cleaning videos and didn't have a place for it. Thanks!
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    Denver Parking Garage Cleaning Videos

    <h1>Parking Garage Cleaning in Denver is our specialty.</h1> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="640" height="360"></iframe> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="640" height="360"></iframe> <iframe...
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    Air Gap Needed for Garden Hose Water Feed? Just got inspected for it!

    My technician was just wrapping up all the hoses getting ready to leave when the city of englewood stops and gets out of his vehicle. He begins to question my employee on what he is spraying? My guy was sort of confused and told him he just got done washing a house. The guy starts yelling...
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    Is my flow switch bad?

    I recently got a newer Landa machine and the unit my have froze a few times so I had a local shop check it over and diagnose it. They said it needed a new thermostat, pressure switch / flow switch (not sure the difference; it is about 4 inches high, black and has a metal probe that goes in it...
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    Hydrant Hook-up - I need your help.

    I need to setup my trailer and water tank to have an air gape to be able to connect to a hydrant hose. They are requiring that it has an air gape. I have a pretty good idea what I need to do but I'm not sure how to stabilize the pvc piping. If anyone has pictures it would help me out a ton...
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    Hydrotek Recovery / Vacuum Surface Cleaner ANTV3 21"

    My current vacuum is not powerful enough to use this surface cleaner so I have decided to sell it. Asking Price - $950 O.B.O. + Shipping. SPECS:
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    Parking Lot Striping - Division - New Website

    Check out our new web-site for our Parking Lot Striping Division. It still needs a few other things done to it before I'm completely satisfied. Feedback is appreciated as well as any errors/problems you may see.
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    Pwna refund response!

    Below is the response I got from the PWNA requesting a refund. Maybe a BBB complaint warning others that you will not get what you pay for by joining them. From: Colorado ProWash [] Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 2:36 PM To: PWNA Headquarters Subject: Request of...