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    pump problems

    I've got an AR pump that eats one packing within hours. It lasted two years and immediately after its first packing replacement, it started a habit of eating a packing. The plungers are as smooth as new ones and dont appear to be cracked. Could it be that the brass is wore out and needs...
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    rebuilding winco

    I'm about to replace the winco but was wondering if I could get by with replacing the 3 brushes in it and buy some more time. Anyone ever done a rebuild? It might need to be rewound. I think that is around $75 here.
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    10% Dry Chlorine Bleach

    Does anyone have an opinion about 10% dry chlorine bleach?
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    11hp no spark sometimes

    I bought a chinese 11hp recoil motor for $199 a few years ago and hooked it up to a gear drive cat pump $399. Its been a good rinser until recently. Every now and then, It will not start. No spark. I'll roll it back up, head down the road and an hour later, it will fire right up and run for...
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    pressure pro vertical burner resiliance

    Thinking about doing away with the skid and mounting a PP vertical burner. Anyone had any problems with these breaking apart. It looks a little top heavy to me.
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    sutner flow switch not working

    Anyone know how to wire up a flow switch to a 110 volt burner? I wired one wire from flow switch to the on off switch and the other flow switch wire to the hot igniter wire. Burner works fine but doesnt turn off when I release the trigger. I take that back. It worked for about ten minutes...
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    hydrochloric acid

    Hey guys, havent posted in a while. Got a question for some of you. I found a distributor that sells 1 liter bottles of the aquious solution 10% (w/v). Anyone know how strong that is? This is for brightening aluminum and needs to be diluted a lot, just not too sure about the solutions and...
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    Charging system on GX360

    If a 13hp honda on a 12 volt burner isnt charging the battery, what should be replaced? My brother bought one of those Hotsy 12 volts several years ago with a 13 honda on it and has not had any good luck with it. It wont keep the battery up. Can something be replaced on the engine? If so...
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    16hp briggs wont start

    I killed the engine to pull the truck up and hasnt turned over since. Wires check out good. Battery still new. I put a screw driver across solenoid and still wont even try. I hear a clicking noise but nothing... Any ideas?
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    How far behind in pay can a long time customer get before you stop services?

    Hadnt posted anything in a while... If your best account is falling behind in pay, how many washes do you let them get behind before suspending services?
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    Wash water capturing....

    Just curious how many of you have tried these water and sand dikes, and most if not all of the drain covers? It seems to me that they are for the most part unaffective. Water filled dikes are a joke. They dont dike anything and leak and tear. Sand dikes work a little better but if a drain...
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    pulley size question

    Just curious to see what would happen if the big pulley was on the engine and the small pulley on the pump? Would it turn the pump the same rpm either way?
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    Can I make my own powder truck wash soap?

    I want to try to make my own powder soap so any help would be thought of kindly. So far, these ingredients are needed and percentages of each ingredient to the right. I've got no clue where to purchase these chemicals yet so any help there would be great. Prices for each chemical would be...
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    help with pricing

    hi folks, ive got to bid on a job. It consists of 7 higher end coffee shops (starts with an S). Most are pretty close though one location is 40 miles away. It requires 2 million of liability and 500k commercial auto. They need the drive thru and the order sign (easy dont add extra for this)...
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    environmental mobile truck washing

    Is there a good method of doing this and keeping everyone out of trouble? Anybody else wash fleets? 1. where do you take your water? local potw? do you pretreat it before disposing it? Do they know what you have been washing? 2. is it ok to wash the trucks where they are sitting in...