Charging system on GX360


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If a 13hp honda on a 12 volt burner isnt charging the battery, what should be replaced? My brother bought one of those Hotsy 12 volts several years ago with a 13 honda on it and has not had any good luck with it. It wont keep the battery up. Can something be replaced on the engine? If so, where can he get what he needs?

Russ Spence

Commercial Pressure Wash Expert and PWI Admin
alternator would be my guess but I have never had one that small all of ours are 16 to 20 hp or it could be a voltage regulator

Russ Johnson

Equipment Expert
Check the fuse in the control box first. There's a phillips screw in the back side. Remove the screw and pull the cover off. Right near the top, there's a white plastic fuse holder with a snap on lid. It's a 25 amp fuse. After that, I'd check the regulator.