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    Sharing some Love on Valentine's Day

    "Like" us on facebook, we will "Like" you back...
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    Any thoughts on cleaning this one

    Got a request to clean this store front. Looks like hard water stains running down, wondering if one of the F9 Products will work on this one?
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    Tough Deck Stain

    stripping a deck that has failing acrylic/latex solid stain. I'm using HD80,mixed it pretty stout. Spent about 3 hrs and barely moved. esp the verts. Any suggestions or recommendations.
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    Polling the community

    As the washing season slowly comes to an end, I am curious, how many of you guys adjust/cut your prices as a means to generate business? I am not interested in lowering my wood/deck restore prices, but I am interested to know if any of you guys take this approach.
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    Just got some bad news

    Earlier this summer we cleaned a condo complex, all of the bldg. had call boxes. I contacted the PM to inquire about payment which I had not received (Net 30). The PM said that 1 of the call boxes was damaged ($1000 to replace) as a result of Pressure Washing. I explained to her our cleaning...
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    1st Condo Cleaing coming down the pipeline!!!

    I am super excited. This winter, we submitted proposals to clean 4 different condo complexes. We got the green light call today. The one we are cleaning is the smallest of the 4 communities we bid on. Pics to follow. I am hoping this will be an in and out job. the bldgs (4) are approx 7500 sqft...
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    Baltimore Areas Best Exterior Cleaning Company

    Don't take our word for it. Check out our blog to see what others are saying.
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    Koi pond next to deck...cmon!

    Not sure how to tackle this one. Potential customer wants this composite deck cleaned. its not too bad, just dirty (algae here and there). What do I do about the pond? What can I use to clean the deck, and not harm the fish. Even if I covered the pond, I am concerned about run off. Any ideas or...
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    Tannin Bleed advice needed

    I just completed a deck restore. Stripped the wood (sodium hydroxide), Brightened, and after 72 hrs of no rain, stained with Armstrong Clark semi. The deck looked great prior to staining and even after. I got a call from the customer stating dark streaks/spots are present again. Any...
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    Klean Kings Pressure Washing Gallery UPDATED!!!

    Our gallery has been updated with pics from some of our projects this season.
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    Stucco Cleaning question...Any suggestions?

    I am returning to a house tomorrow. It has a stucco exterior, green and black streaks. I tried the standard house wash mix, but no luck. Was wondering if EBC would be a good choice? Might make for an expensive house wash though. Any suggestions on this one?
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    Klean Kings Wood Patio Restore

    Here is a fence that Klean Kings restored. Customer was extremely happy! Signed on for our Wood Maintenance Program, and gave (2) referrrals which we will begin working on soon.
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    Klean Kings Wood Patio Restore

    Wood restore for us has been constant and non-stop. Thanks to Everett A. of Deck Restoration Plus for a weekend full of learning, which has greatly improved and refined our process. Education is the key to growth in the industry. Have a great holiday weekend all!
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    1 Happy Camper

    EBC...I'm sold...
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    Job lead for window/pressure washing guys-DC & Baltimore, MD

    Got a lead on window caulking approximately 12-14 windows in Parkville, MD DC-Three story bldg with soot damage over 2 windows. There is roof access, but no water, you will have to bring your own. Send me an email if you are interested.