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    Lead in New Haven Ct

    This is the metal structure. I started with a metal structure in NJ and now clean the whole building every year. This is the structure new. Now it's dirty. Chances are you'll get the silo behind it also.
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    Lead in New Haven Ct

    Have a steady yearly cleaning account for a commercial client. He has another building in Ct. For now they need cleaning for a metal structure. Good company and they usually have a lift onsite.
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    pricing to wash roof and how to?

    Here's the original with the updated.
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    pricing to wash roof and how to?

    We did this Westfield NJ roof today at 28F. This is how she's gonna stay for a while. I told the customer call me at the end of March for an update on the progress. I'm so proud, like a work of art.
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    HOA Wants us to use ladders!!! Stopped project!!

    No ladders? You are going to have to reduce the cost my fdddiend!
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    STOP Making Video Like THESE!!!!!!!!!! Its STUPID Maryland Gas station Cleaning

    I will check it out, though Im skeptical. Welcome to NJ (Woodbridge), three gas stations on one corner. Ive never noticed, but again I never really looked. It seems they all grade towards NJ State Route 35. I dont see how it's possible, but I will take ya'lls word. Im curious to find the...
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    How much pressure will I lose at 35' up?

    If you work beyond the 6' barrier you need to tie off. See the thick wire in the pic? This is where they are tying off. This belongs to one of the companies currently working there. This wont be here for us and we'll be required to do the same. Anyone have any experience setting this up...
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    How much pressure will I lose at 35' up?

    I have a large commercial roof to clean. How much pressure and/gpm will I lose going up 35'? With 8gpm @3000 at level, what would be the loss at 35'?
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    Article: Gutter Cleaners in New Jersey | NJ Gutter Cleaning

    You can view the page at
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    Floor Protection From Diesel

    Ive been installing rubber floors in my trucks. I spilled some diesel fuel in one of the trucks and it ruined some of the floor. It blistered up and I had to cut that section out. Does anyone know of anything that can be used that holds up better to diesel?
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    Diverting Exhaust Fumes

    Im thinking some kind of wire braided hose? When both machines run at the same time its too much. What are people using aside from fans?
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    Cleaning New Concrete

    I received a call for monthly service for a Chic Fillet. He said the concrete is 3 months old and if it is safe to clean. I did not know the answer.
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    Lighting for Night Work- What's Good?

    Trying to see what the night shift uses for lighting. What's working for you?
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    Which model hot water skid is the best?

    I'm in the preliminary stages of searching for a new hot water skid. I heard different speculations about different burners and actual lengths of the coils. Also want to see who is having a really good experience with their units (hw skid).
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    Need Soda Blasting Help

    Does anyone use one of these? I would like to purchase a soda blaster. I don't have any experience with this type of equipment. Was hoping someone could steer me towards a decent entry level unit. Thanks