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    What is it and why did it have water shooting out if that barb? Alkota 5355J 5.5 gpm 3500 psi Eagle Pride Pressure Washing 325-656-5483
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    Night time advertising

    Doing almost all my jobs after dark, I was wanting to advertise on the way to and from the job and even while doing the job. So I set out to do just that!! Eagle Pride Pressure Washing 325-656-5483
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    Hose reel swivel??

    I have a hose reel problem!! I was given this hose reel and it leaks!!! I have tried to take the swivel off to check the o-rings but have had no luck. I am going to ask here to see if anyone knows how to take it off. I'm thinking it just needs some o-rings but don't know for sure. I plan on...
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    Can you bypass this?

    This is the second float valve that I've put in just to have it fail. Is it OK to bypass this it does the machine have to have it? Sent from my XT910 using Tapatalk 2
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    Steam valve

    How easy would it be to install a steam valve on my pw? I have an alkota 3500psi 5.5gpm. Sent from my XT910 using Tapatalk 2
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    I came across some hydro tek reclaim vac and surface cleaner and have some questions. The vac is model #RPVACE1, can you reuse the water after it goes thur this? Surface cleaner model # ANTV3, it has 2.5 nozzles in it, my machine is a 5.5 GPM so the question is will 2.5 nozzles work or do i need...
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    Info on the best reclaimer/recycler

    I am looking on info on what the best reclaimer/recycler is. I have been looking at the hydro tek AZV88. I have a alkota 3500psi 5.5gpm hot water pw with a 525 gal tank on the trailer already, so I'm looking for an add on if possible. Thanks guys
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    24 HR emergency service

    I have seen some that offer "24 HR emergency service". What is your idea of a emergency?
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    Pressure washer problems

    Here are what the valves look like.
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    Pressure washer problems

    My PW is acting up on me. Runs great but when you pull the trigger, you get a burst of high pressure followed by a pulse or a lope if you will from the end of the wand. At first I thought it was a low input but it's not. Im going to undo the hoses off the unloader to check the pump in just a...
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    Down stream

    What is is the best down stream injector to get? I have a 3500 psi 5.5 gpm
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    Awesome work!!

    Going down the road, I noticed an employee of a convenience store chain here in town with a Lowe's type PW out in the parking lot. I have been trying to bid their stores for awhile now, so I figured I would stop by and talk to the guy. He was starting to put the PW up as we started talking so I...
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    fence cleaning

    would oxalic do a good job of cleaning/brighting a fence up? Or would you need something else? Thanks
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    concrete help

    Has anyone seen this before? This was taken at a bank drive thur, this entire lane is this way. Is there anything that will work on it? After posting this, I remembered I don't know how to post pictures on PWI. Can someone help me out on that?