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    Predator engine trouble

    I have a 6.5hp predator engine that I am having some issues with. When I first start it in the morning it runs great for 15-20 min, then starts to sputter for a while then dies. After the first time it dies it only takes a couple of minutes before it starts to sputter and die.
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    TDS meter

    I have a duel inline tds meter that I use for the incoming water and the water after the R/O filters. I was noticing some spotting today and pulled out my hand held tds meter and took a reading. The inline meter was less then half the tds as the hand held meter. Any body else ever have this...
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    Glove recommendations

    Its getting close to that time of year when gloves are needed. What's the best gloves currently on the market?
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    Best scent

    What's the best chlorine cover up scent out there right now? I hate the smell of chlorine. I don't currently do roofs but I use it for house washing and a few other things.
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    Harbor Freight 22hp engine

    Has anyone used the 22hp Harbor Freight engine? I have one of there 13hp predator motors and it works great.
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    over spinning a pump

    I have a general T9731 pump rated for 2.85gpm @1,000psi. I am wanting to put a different size pulley on it and run 4+ gpm at 200 psi. Has anybody tried something like this before?
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    Fence cleaning

    I am looking for advice on how to go about cleaning this fence. It is a shared fence and I will not have access to the other side.
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    How long?

    I have just started actually timing how long it takes to wash a rig. Before it was usually just a guess. Yesterday I timed a small tanker and it took 5 and a half minutes. That's not including setup and breakdown, just how long for the one truck. That is 2 stepping. I am looking forward to...
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    Di tanks

    Took my ugly DI tanks and made them look purty.
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    Looking for low pressure pump seals

    My little cat pump is in need of low pressure seals. The problem is I am not sure what pump it is. I cant find any markings on it and after looking online I can't seem to find one that looks like it.
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    Neutral ph soap

    I am looking for a soap that I don't have to worry about drying on customers pickups. I have several small fleets that I wash that the owner wants me to also wash there personal rig. I am currently using my "truck wash" on them but I know when the temps start to rise this spring/summer that...
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    Post your first Rig

    Post your first pressure washing Rig. This was mine. The story behind it....I was helping a friend with his detail business when the owner of a car lot asked him if he was interested in pressure washing there cars. My friend said NO. I asked how much he was willing to pay for this service and...
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